Newbie memeber & aspiring entrepreneur needs ADVICE

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Dear Rich, Jeff and all:
  I am very very excited to be introduced to Startupnation (by Donny Deutusch). It was like answer to my prayers as I needed a mentor/coach to guide and advice me on my path to success and entrepeneurship.
Currently I am working for a top retailer and have made a decision to move back to India as my job is not fulfilling my hunger for challenges, knowledge and excitement. I have along term dream to be a entrepreneur --I have come to this decision after careful self-analysis and past experiences. I am moving to India in 3 months but I am not very clear in what should be my first step when I reach India?
I have couple of options in my head and I would greatly appreciate your advice-
1. Analyze the market and its needs and find a partner and go for a venture (idea should evolve sometime soon)
2. Join a good company and get experience and meanwhile analyze the market
3. Join a small entrepreneurial firm and get a firm grip on how to begin a successful business
If  you guys have any more suggestions?
Though I am not very clear with what kind of business I want to do. I desperately need some advice. I want some change, I want to do something different and challenging, I know i have great potential just need the right direction
Please please help me make a right choice!!!!!
Thanks alot!!!ChallengeUrself1/8/2009 8:38 AM


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