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  • ImiImi subscriber Posts: 0
    Your The Best GrillCharmer
    Thank you!
  • BenihanaBenihana subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey IMI , I was asked how much my product cost, and no questions about packaging etc. As with dippychick, my packaging is complete, with UPC`s , manufacturer, etc I have a 1million 2 million aggregate policy as well as an unmbrella with our manufacturers.. We are all in line and ready. I also have 2 manufacturers in Cali, and told my judge that I can get one in PA as well (she had a big smile after that). So gather what you will from that as far as a number system from 1 to 5. We could spend all day guessing, but we might never know. It sounds like all went well for all and I hope and pray that one of us can get in after  all of our hard work!
    With regards,
    Maurice (Benihana)
  • ImiImi subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Entreprenerd and Benihana
    Just remembered, my judge asked me where I manufactured my product. I told her I manufactured it here and she lite up and said really with a smile. She seemed pleased at that.
    Thank you for your relpies. Every little bit of knowledge helps. What`s so great about this board is we can learn from each other.If I may ask Entreprenerd, who are you insured with? I have a pockettool I invented and I`m looking for a product liability insurer at present. Grillcharmer supplied me with a couple of links that I`ll go over this weekend.
  • RCTOYSRCTOYS subscriber Posts: 2
    Chris - where did you get your coverage from?  I need to get mine lined up but think that toy coverage is going to be quite expensive.
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    That is an AWESOME listing on the Marketplace!
  • ImiImi subscriber Posts: 0
    Entreprederd and GrillCharmer and all.
    There`s some people that truly make a difference in people`s life`s and I`m Thanking You for making a difference in mine. Thank you for sharing.
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    You are very very welcome! 
  • OprahorBustOprahorBust subscriber Posts: 0
    I do not feel welcome as a newbie on this site.  Someone please talk to me.  Everyone is talking so nicely to one another, please include me. 
  • OprahorBustOprahorBust subscriber Posts: 0
    Thank you for your kind words entreprenerd.  I guess it is the weekend, and I am never usually this needy.  It just might be nerves.  Oh I just want to talk about it to everyone
  • ImiImi subscriber Posts: 0
    Good Morning Everyone
    I just came across this great information for all of you who have websites and want a better page rank. 
    How to Get to the Top of Google, - Do not use your website name Let me tell you what you do not do: do not buy text links with your website name. That`s as bad as putting your website name in your title tag. When you buy the text links, what you want to use is the key word/phrase that you are optimizing for! You see, to Google it isn`t only that you have the link pointing to your site, but also what the text of the link says. So if we are optimizing for "dog training," then we want our text links to say "dog training."Not only that, but Google uses a variety of factors in determining your Page Rank (and therefore the rank you get in search results). Some of those factors include:

    Which websites link to you.
    The Page Rank of the website linking to you.
    The anchor text used in the link linking to you.
    Whether or not the websites linking to you are deemed by Google as authority websites.
    It is true that precious few sites with a PR 7 or higher are not thought of as authority websites, but there are some.At this point it is time to put our black clothing back on. It`s time to go "stealing" our way into the top spot. What you want to do is, once again, bring up the search results for the term you are optimizing on. In our case, that`s "dog training."Open up a new window, also to Google. Now you want to type in "link:" and then the URL from the number one site. The results you get will tell you who is linking to that site.You want to be linked from those sites as well. In other words, you are going to take what is working for that number one site and go one step better.Here are some things to notice about our dog training example. First, the site is set up to obviously be an authority site. Second, notice who is linking to them and what link text is being used.You want to make sure that your own site will be viewed as an authority website (which means plenty of content), and you want links to your website to say only "dog training" (or whatever your key phrase is). In other words, when you purchase your text links, you want the links to be on the phrase "dog training," and that`s it.Whenever possible, you want your site to be linked to from the same websites that the number one site is being linked to ... and then be linked to by a few others as well. In other words, you`re going to "steal" who`s linking to them -- become linked by those folks yourself -- and then get linked to by several other folks too!
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    Sorry OprahorBust!  Didn`t mean to make you feel left out!  Chris (entrepeneurd) is right.  We LOVE to get to know everyone so download some pics and fill out your profile when you get a sec.  We are here to help in any way. 
  • ImiImi subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi OprahorBust
    I`m Imi a.k.a Marvin. Saying Hi.
  • NetmomNetmom subscriber Posts: 5
    Hi all I am new here and a tad late chiming in on this topic but I have so engrossed in reading I had forgotten to even register!
    On the topic of getting a "read" on the judges, don`t be alarmed by their impartial appearane. Mine told us specifically that she was to act impartial so as not to show excitement. We had a lot of excitement at our table in Chicago but at the end of the day the decisions are made after the "sizzle" with notes and pictures to remember all the thousands that they saw over the three cities. So whoever said they could have a whole different take at HQ is right.
    I am keeping my fingers crossed for the magic e-mail regardless.
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    Welcome to the board Netmom!!  What is your product? 
  • ImiImi subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi OprahorBust,Seems like we`ve got a good bunch of people here with a lot of insightful  knowledge.   It is always interesting to see what is written.  I glean a little from each entry. Speaking of which, Imi,  the Google thing?  What??  I think I will send your entry to my web guy to decipher (if he ever gets my shopping cart done).  I don`t want to sound ignorant, but when it comes to this web stuff I am.  (Thus, still running with out an entry pic). Greg
    Hi Greg and All.
    This is the link where I got it from. More information on how to get to the top of google.
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