Using drop shippers

gcohen2001gcohen2001 subscriber Posts: 1
 I work for a service provider for the ecom industry, but I am new to selling on the web.  For starters I wanted to use drop shippers while I get the store off the ground, then start to bring in various wholesale relationships and better margins over time. 
The questions I have are
--I want to work with a cart provider like 3DCart.  I know their system will produce individual orders or bulk orders for a period.  Will most drop shippers work with me via email or to work with drop shippers does one have to operate under the total umbrrella of a shopster, B2BShops or Doba  type all in one relationship?
--Ideally, I want to set my store with a company like 3DCart and work with wholesalers of different types, including the canned drop shippers.  Is there a source for informaton that outlines how these relationships will work for a std web store?
--What is a good source for finding drop shippers aside from the Dobas and Simplexs of the world?
Thank you!
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