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Finding Buyers...?

SalemHSalemH subscriber Posts: 4
We (Design My Idea) are working on our own invention the Corg and Cord Order.
We are sourcing manufacturers in China (USA was incredibly expensive), and starting to line up production of 50,000 unit increments monthly.  Line up I say, because, we are also trying to source buyers First before diving in.
With hard samples, virtual and the like, I feel we have a good presentation to give, but, how do you source the Buyers initially?
Trade Shows are going to be hit; giveaways for setup, gaining feedback as well as getting the word out about the product, but I`d like to start setting up with at least local stores; Office Depot, Best Buy etc.
Tips for doing so?  I`m going to be just popping into stores and chatting up people.  If we can get our 4-pack displays out, thats a start.


  • SalemHSalemH subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi and thanks for the replies.
    We are currently in the prototype phase.  We have working samples, and have had a bad experience with plastic injection molding firm, which has set back our production.
    Thank you very much for the Staples contact, I`ll cruise around for more information and target the mom-and pop stores.
    I`ll post updates.
  • GetAGripGetAGrip subscriber Posts: 14
    I have to disagree with Tiger Taco, I have cold called many big box buyers with much success of getting in.  Just make your presentation flawless.  Not making guarantees, but it will not hurt your efforts to try!
  • SalemHSalemH subscriber Posts: 4
    Thank you for all the replies.
    "a simple taco maker" I love it (I`m checking out your sites)!  I have had in my own experience (outside of this product) had success with cold-calling but always with the same variables.  Intensely frustrating, somewhat time-deficient (depending on your product and your opportunity cost of the time in cold-calling) and a bit of luck.
    I will be starting a blog, submitting it all over the place, and garnering interest.
    We have received a couple oversea`s bids for production and will soon be developing it in mass quantity.
    We`ll see where it goes
  • JCConsultingJCConsulting subscriber Posts: 0
    I just like to say that both you and TigerTaco are great inventions. I`m not the very creative type and would never think of something like that. But once I see them, it`s like WOW that is great. Good Luck to both of you and let me know if I can ever be of service.
  • SalemHSalemH subscriber Posts: 4
    Hi all,
    I actually no longer work with Design My Idea nor Cord Order, though I wish them luck.  What I like though about Tiger Taco is the "edgy" (or whatever adjective you like) marketing strategy you pursue.
    Good luck!
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