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Legal Nurse looking for Business ideas

LegalRNLegalRN subscriber Posts: 2
edited June 2007 in Sales
I recently started creating a Legal Nurse Consulting business that is taking my career to a whole new interesting, creative and energetic level! 
I have started my business setup, marketing tools, and a website.  I have also done some small projects for attorneys, of a few hours of analysis work, or educational projects for their clients.
Going from nursing to business has been an interesting challenge, and I am finding that attorneys are surprised that I actually have a consulting fee, and try to tell me that "I thought you would do this for free because I am helping you with your business". 
I would appreciate any comments about my website, and suggestions about improving my marketing/sales approach, to be able to get the appointment, and the case ... and get paid!
Thank you!
Audrey Friedman RN, OCN, CLNC
Friedman Certified Legal Nurse Consultants


  • saxmanstevesaxmansteve subscriber Posts: 5

    what a fascinating business? Is this a relatively new concept - I haven`t
    come across it before.

    I`ll be really interested in trying to help with the sales proposition and
    process if you can let me have an overview of how you approach potential
    clients, present your proposition and then close.
  • LegalRNLegalRN subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for your reply...
    Legal Nursing is relatively new... but only in this form.  Nurses have worked for attorneys individually, or as nurse paralegals, or in insurance forms, but in the role of admin management positions.  Actual certification and courses only started about 10 years ago, and is gaining momentum.  It was new to me too.  I never even heard about it until about a year ago when another nurse I knew was going through the course.  It is a perfect fit for me I found... for my love of teaching, research, broad perspectives, and still medicine.  There isn`t one person I know as a collegue that hasn`t told me it is a perfect fit.
    I started my marketing plan with what was suggested by the program I did for certification (www.legalnurse.com</A>), and talked with some of the mentors there... I developed a promo package (black folder, with gold line on front and place for my business card on the front.  On the inside, I placed an intro letter with 3 brief paragraphs: intro myself, and if I was referred by someone; my experience briefly (4CV pgs into 1/2 paragraph), and then a paragraph about how I can help.  I also include a sample product (one page of a sample report), a brief one page CV review of highlights that would pertain to Legal Nsg, my newsletter, and usually a little extra... a bus card magnet, or what I am using now... a wallet health ID card that I designed as my business giveaway.
    My primary potential client would be attorneys.  I can also do analysis or medical work for insurances, or corporations, hospitals looking to improve to plan for legal issues, or improve quality issues.  I can also talk to any business group about health issues (lunch topics usually) ie Living Wills, etc.  I have been focusing on attorneys because I would really like to get experiences in real cases and different kinds of cases and because it is now the core of what I would like to do and the few cases I`ve done, I really like the work.  I love the educational pieces, and I would like to do them as entry pieces, intro pieces, community service pieces, and because I love them.  I`ve also thought about teaching individual courses at our community `Colorado Free University` where people in the community teach courses on anything, literally, from business to computers, to cooking.
    I usually pick 4 attorneys, or one firm that I have been referred to, or that I have researched in my area.  I look at the websites and the attorney`s bios and look for links that I can connect with them.  About 7-10 days after I send them out, I call the attorney.  I`ve usually get past the secretary into the attorneys voice mail... and leave a brief message saying who I am, referring to the package and that I would like to meet with them.  I`ve never talked with one.  I have sent out a newsletter the next month.
    The two attorneys I have worked for have been referrals, but both have balked when I start to talk about the fee agreement.  My course talks extensively about this, with guidelines, and ideas... but I don`t think I want to not work at the beginning.  I have accepted small offers, if the attorney agrees to keep my name on the education piece, or get me a date as a speaker at their assoc meeting.  Or I have agreed to 4-5hrs sample work for one attorney (which I won`t do again, because after 3 months I never heard back from him).
    I am finding the transition from nursing - talking to anyone/anywhere/anytime/in whatever they are wearing because they`re in a hospital bed to business - talking to people in business seems more intimidating, although in the hospital, I was rather a chatterbox, and people laughed all the time.
    For resources, I am using my Legal Nurse mentor group, the Legal Nurse association, reading "the Little Red Sales book". I also go to women`s business networking groups, and one general business networking group.
    Once people start listening... they are excited about what I do.  I met the attorney for the ed piece for coffee... and we were there 3 hours!
    But I think I need to learn another approach into the office/attorney/client... and how to get to a closing...
    Thank you! I`ll look forward to what you think!
  • saxmanstevesaxmansteve subscriber Posts: 5

    can you tell me in your own words, not stuff from the course, who
    benefits from what you do, why and by how much?

    This isn`t a trick question. It`s meant to help me understand where the
    winners are. Then maybe (?) between us we might be able to figure out a
    strategy and tactics you`ll believe in.

    If you would like to, please send me a copy of the material you present to
    potential clients at steve@frontofficebox.com.

    No promises of success, but I`d really like to try and help.

  • LegalRNLegalRN subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Steve and Craig...
    Thank you for your posts.  Your questions really had me thinking... I wanted to take a day or two to think about it before I wrote again.
    I think I had no idea how to really explain what I did before and so used the `text` given.   I thought about the conversations I had with friends once I got past that introduction...
    These are some of the things I say in those conversations and that came to me yesterday as I was thinking about your question...
    What are the biggest questions you come across in your medical cases?
    I can help you understand the story behind your medical cases. Do the records make sense? What is missing? What questions should you ask? Help you understand the medical words and treatments noted in the charts.  What are things you should be on the alert for in the case?
    I can help any company that works with medical issues...attorneys  insurance agency, medical or corporate office. I can help design educational materials for your clients, the jury, and your staff.
    No one understands the medical world... like a nurse!
    I`ve also sent you some things at your email address.
    AudreyLegalRN2007-6-20 17:6:2
  • LegalRNLegalRN subscriber Posts: 2
    WOW!  Your understanding and description of this role is so eloquent. I even found myself glued to every word.
    I am finding it amazing that such a simple statement, as "Say it in your own words..." can be so powerful.
    Thank you for  your suggestions... it is really helping me rethink how I present my `script`, and lead into this conversation.  I still have more homework to do!
    And, I have to say, these emails have really spurred my excitement about growing my business...
    Thank you... I`ll keep you posted.
  • LegalRNLegalRN subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks for all the suggestions... they have really been changing how I am thinking about my roles...
    I`ve updated the website, but I think the pages about the CLNC services, and my CV could be shortened.  I`ve included a link to the Open Directory that has a pageful of sites for other CLNC`s as a reference to what is out there.
    One CLNC I read about on our CLNC newsletter talked about how she basically cut all the description down to... "I will tell you `the Good, the Bad and the Ugly` about your case."  Now attorneys call her wanting her `GBU Report`.
    I`m looking forward to next week and getting started!
  • srgclncsrgclnc subscriber Posts: 0
    Hello! I`d like to proudly introduce myself as another successful CLNC!
         One of the best networking resources I have found was through a yahoo group, believe it or not! It`s known as LNCExchange. This is not only a large network of other legal nurse consultants, but a compilation of others in various aspects of the medical field along with several attorneys. I believe the last count was over 800 members.
         Your input on particular case scenarios proves to be a valuable asset in this forum. The collaboration between peers is an informative and educational jackpot! There are many discussions related to various health topics, case scenarios and policies that may have impact on the potential outcome of a case.
         I have relied on others in the group for ideas on marketing strategies and more, considering my newly established business needed a `boost` in the right direction as well.
         Regardless of how professional your website may look, the key to aquiring clients is through the sound of your voice. 
         As for myself, I had sent out many information packets, followed up with phone calls and finally established an invitation to speak at the local attorney bar meeting.  In doing so, I presented my material with a face, a smile and the attitude of determination that you cannot convey over the internet.
         One of my next ventures, is to aim my marketing in another area, sending out invitations to a conference pertaining to "...the utilization of CLNC`s in your practice and the substantial impact they make on your case." I have booked a conference room at a local hotel that is convenient for the attorneys not wanting to travel a great distance. Since all of the ammenities are provided by the hotel, it is rather cost efficient and a great way to meet new attorney-clients! I will raffle off several gifts that are appealing to their needs, perhaps briefcases, medical books, and a free narrative report. Attendance gifts will be given also(coffee mugs and pens with my company name and logo).
         I wish you the best success in your career!
    Shelley Gilkey, RN, CLNC
  • LegalRNLegalRN subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Shelley (Nice to meet you!), and Craig,
    The talks are a great idea.  I`ve started doing those as well.  I just did a talk yesterday to a Rotary Club on health issues, and am planning a talk with our local Hadassah as well.    I`m also meeting up with an old friend from a `Get Clients Now!` course I did, who is an image consultant, and does a lot of work with attorneys in town, about networking ideas, and referral ideas.
    I am a big believer in diversifying my plans and actions and planting seeds everywhere. Even if its a group I do a health talk to and not a legal talk, I still tell about what I do, and its impact - and you never know who is in the audience.
    Thanks Shelley for the lead about the LNCExchange Yahoo group - I`ll look into it tonight.
    Hope you both have a great week!
  • srgclncsrgclnc subscriber Posts: 0
    Many of our professional relationships are developed through presentations at health conferences, legal conferences and many other situations. One marketing prospect is to assist with the registration processes at legal seminars which may pertain to medical issues.
    I have recently updated my website and would like honest input regarding the layout and overall structure. It is hard to judge myself!
    Thank you,
    Shelley Gilkey, RN, CLNC
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