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Lesson too late???

ZoomdweebieZoomdweebie subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2008 in Thought Leadership
So, I think I finally figured out that I made a stupid mistake.
I went after the wrong demographic.  I wanted a hip, cool tea bar instead of an old ladies tea house.  So I went after the college kids, and now I`ve got them.  The problem is that they are pretty much broke.  They will buy tea beverages all day long, but they won`t buy a pouch of bulk tea or any tea accessories to save their life.  The problem is that it takes entirely too many $2 cups of tea to pay the rent.  And it seems that the middle aged housewives and older tea enthusiasts are intimidated by the party-like atmosphere I created to attract the college kids.
So, I realize now, after a little over a year in business, that I went after the wrong market.  The thing is that this group is really not going to be able to support the business, but neither can I afford to chase them off and start over.  So, I`m looking into some other means of establishing other streams of revenue for the business.  We are actually one of only a handful of places in the country that blends, flavors and packages our own brand of tea.  We have over 200 varieTEAs and enough margin to offer the teas at wholesale.  So, I am looking at dressing up our packaging and selling our teas to other gift shops and specialty food stores in town as well as to restaurants in filter packs for iced tea, and I have also been thinking a lot about the possibility of starting a home party plan with the teas.
I`m in that place where I am extraordinarily discouraged by my own short-sightedness and I`m not sure what I should pursue next, if anything.  I would love to hear from you guys which, if any, of my ideas sounds the most promising; any advice you have for tackling such undertakings; and any other ideas or suggestions you might have.
Chief Executive Zoomdweebie
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  • customizedstylecustomizedstyle subscriber Posts: 0
    TRIUMPH- is just "try" with added "umph" in it-
    give it some umph, business ownership isn`t for the weak at heart, and failure is another way to find success down a different path.How about an online tea house?People all over the world could chat and order teas, do virtual tours of the teahouse and webcam visits with eachother,after all, your limited only to the extent that you believe in yourself, and the internet is your oyster.Hey, if it works out, send me a consultation paycheck, I need money for my new business too!!  Mom, send money soon.customizedstyle8/18/2008 8:02 AM
  • mikaelajimikaelaji subscriber Posts: 0
    how about having a talent night or open mike night. It may attract different client base.   Entrance fee is buying beverage and snack. Also, do you offer wifi? 
  • NomadAdvertisingLLCNomadAdvertisingLLC subscriber Posts: 3
    As I was reading your initial post, my reaction was "Ok, you targeted the wrong demographic, but at least they are coming and spending money."  Simply redefine why they are coming and adapt.
    1)Cut your costs.
         If a particular flavor of tea isn`t selling well, don`t offer it.
    2)Sell complimentary foods.
         Sell bagels, pop-tarts, and muffins.
    3)Sell branded T-Shirts
         Get your customers to pay for your advertising.
    4)Change your inventory.
         Don`t use fancy stuff for "high-end" tea drinkers, make it simple for those who want a hot cup of tea...and nothing else.
    5)Hold (and charge) Event nights.
         Open Mic, Karioke, Costume Party
    6)Hold a contest
         Get the business students to find a way to get you more revenue and reward the winner with 6 months free tea.
    7)Sell tea gift baskets around the holidays
    8)Get the parents of the college kids hooked during parent weekends and orientation.
    I hope my 8 suggestions help.  More importantly keep this in mind, you have a customer base.  Get them to spend more and bring their friends.  Once this tea bar does well, start another tea bar for the "high-end" tea drinkers like you want.  Good luck!  It will work out just fine.NomadAdvertisingLLC8/20/2008 10:55 AM
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