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Hi All,
After struggling to encourage good usage of previous sites I built I came up with the idea behind  Basically websites by points that they can distribute to their users however they like (registering, inviting friends, adding posts, etc).  The points accumulate for ALL member sites in a users account and then they can earn rewards.  It`s like frequent flier miles but for the ENTIRE WEB - well at least sites that belong to the network.  I`d love your thoughts on the site itself, but even more so on the idea and execution of the idea.
Thanks in advance!


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    Thanks for the feedback.
    In general we would hope a member site would be promoting the fact they are a member and that user`s earn points (otherwise they are not getting the most out of our program).  That aside, the ver first time you get points with you get an email stating that you`ve gotten points thanks to your activity at site `xyz`.  After the first time you get a monthly account status email.
    Thanks again for the feedback.
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    As always the biggest challenge is getting the early adoptors... We are currently looking for some beta sites to work with and are even offering the first 10K points free... but so far no takers.
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