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Creative Marketing getting new users to my site

fmapapfmapap subscriber Posts: 8
edited December 2006 in Marketing
Hi everyone!
I`m in the final stages of completing my website, which is basically MySpace meets Google Local.  It`s a social networking site that helps to provide you good advice about places to go based on the people in your friend network (blah blah blah - if you are intersted in the details send me a message).  My question is what are some good ways to grow my community?  I`m not sure how I could entice people to join a site like mine when without other users there isn`t much content.  I`m curious if anyone has any creative ways (or maybe not so creative) for me to get some momentum on my site.
All comments are GREATLY appreciated.


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    fmapapfmapap subscriber Posts: 8
    Thanks for the reply.
    Some of those features are already on our site and others are in queue.  What my question is more about HOW to initially get people onto the site and make the site catchy enough that they actually register. 
    In a few days the site should be ready for me to let you look around (if your intersted).
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