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How to make money wiht networking

worldtradeworldtrade subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2009 in Selecting a Business
One of the questions I hear the most from MLM‘ers is “how do I stop
attrition?” In other words, “how do I keep people from leaving my
program for another, or just quitting in general?”
Here are a few techniques that you can use to build and keep a strong downline:
This is the number one problem in MLM. People want huge downlines, but
they don’t want the do the work of teaching others how to become
successful. Find a good mentor who can teach you how to become an
effective leader. If you are struggling with a failing downline, it’s
time for a change and all change comes from the top… that’s you! Don’t
wait for someone else to get the job done, take charge and make things
Delegation: Most MLM sponsors only want the money that comes
from having a huge downline and don’t care about the those who they
bring into their business. This is a mistake that will bring failure
upon you fast. People want to feel needed, so get to know the people in
your group and delegate leadership to them so they can grow a
successful business. Find a good training platform, where you can refer
people to learn. As a leader, you should always be learning as well.
To most peoople, Internet business is a game or a hobby. Business is
business. Treat your business like a business and it will pay you back!
Be loyal to your downline and your business. Program hopping, using
traffic and lead generation programs that distract, money games, etc.,
are all damaging when it comes to focus. If you are in charge, you
control what resources your team uses, keeping the team focused and
One of the best resources for prospecting online is a
business community known as Direct Matches. At Direct Matches, you step
into an online world of would be leaders to build your MLM opportunity.
Having solid leaders on your front line, who care about the success of
others, know how to teach and are teachable themselves, will make a
monumental difference in the long term success of your business.
use DM effectively, I require my students to join at the basic level
(about $10 per month). This gives them the ability to contact anyone in
Direct Matches via the DM email feature. As Direct Matches has a
database in the millions, you will never run out of qualifiable leads!
Think about it… where else are you going to find leads that include
photo, interests, business information and more?
Each time a new
member joins Direct Matches, I welcome them by getting them acquainted
with my name. Name recognition (branding) is the real key to success
online. Using this method I get a 99% response rate. The only time I
don’t get a response is if that person has created a phony profile.
Otherwise, it’s easy to egage people in conversation and convert them
the qualified website traffic.
For more information on how you can use Direct Matches to build a POWERFUL downline, visit http://www.directmatches.com/fourscore
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