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Can I ask for you opinion?

hjgauthierhjgauthier subscriber Posts: 19
edited July 2007 in Website Critique
I finally got my blog up and put my second post on it.  Could you check it out for me and send your thoughts and what you think I should do with it in the next few weeks that would make it more helpful to all that visit.


  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    It looks cute. Kind of my style, girlie, so i liked it. I like the posts on communicating and positiveness.
  • dgunterdgunter subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Hubert--I would take your blog out of Blogspot and get it into either Typepad or Wordpress where you have much more customization control, as well as the ability to map the blog to a domain name, like www.becomingsuccessfulinlife.com.If you`d like some additional blogging resources, please let me know.Warmly,Donna
  • hydrazihydrazi subscriber Posts: 0
    Well, besides the entire topic being a not my cup of tea....It looks fine.  The text is hard to read, the last post a little long, you know.... say the same things, use less words.  What I was told about a billion times in school.I would break up the text with some pictures.  Maybe make some bolded headings to make it more digestable.
  • hjgauthierhjgauthier subscriber Posts: 19
    Thank you all for your time and feed back.  When I get a chance this week end I will be editing it, thanks to your help.  Especially the background/text difficulty of reading ease.
  • hjgauthierhjgauthier subscriber Posts: 19
    Thanks for all your advice everyone.  I haven`t removed the dots yet, but did increase the size of the font, as well as posting again.  If you have the time to look again let me know if you think the larger text makes it more readable and less distracting.
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