I Have A PayPal Problem. Can You Help?

hjgauthierhjgauthier Posts: 19subscriber
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My PayPal account has been "LIMITED"  which actually means closed down.
When I inquired as to why this happened they said it was because I have my PayPal info on a site they don`t allow.  This site is an affiliate site for "INCOME FOR DUMMIES" which I purchased, but never really promoted. 
PayPal says I need to remove my PayPal info from the site, but since I didn`t set it up I can`t take it off.
I tried to find the webmaster that could do that, but have had no success.  I looked at the site but found no working phone, email or url that would get me to that person.
I also contacted the person I purchased the book from, she gave me an email address that got returned as undeliverable.
Does anyone know how I might be able to find someone that can help or point me in the right direction to have this problem solved.
Thanks for your help in advanced,


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