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Need help with a name for academic editing business

epiphaniepiphani subscriber Posts: 1
edited October 2007 in Business Planning
Please help me with some suggestions for a name of my upcoming business. I provide services to graduate students completing their theses and dissertations. I format and proofread their writing, make sure it adheres to the style requirements of the particular university and discipline. Prepare it for submission. I have not been able to come up with something easy to remember and not boring. Please help! Thank you


  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    Submissions LLC
    Your thesis done "write"
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    HA!!!!!  My mind wasn`t "there" when I was thinking about it, but now that you mention it.... HA!!!  That`s pretty funny!  Craig`s right epiphani you might want to just forget about my suggestion.
  • epiphaniepiphani subscriber Posts: 1
    Maybe I am just as bit slow, but I don`t understand what is wrong with Submissions LLC? However, thank you for your thoughts. Do you have any other suggestions? I was really hoping I could find a name that specifically speaks to my niche market: academic writing. What do you think?
    I was thinking of proform or proformedit, acaformit..but these are all corney. As you can see I need some help...creativity is not my strongest asset.
  • epiphaniepiphani subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi CraigL,
    Yes, there is a gap in the material itself and the process of it being accepted by the university. As a matter of fact, most universities are very rigid as is the departments themselves on how and in what academic formatting style it is presented in. And this is where I come in becuase most students do not know enough about all the rules of the particular style say Chicago Manual Style (it is a publication of 800+ pages) or by the time they are finished writing the thesis/dissertation, they are not interested in reading the style manuals and would rather pay someone to format it and get it all reading for submission including table of contents and bibliography.
    You are correct that I do not want to focus on the writing as I deal very little with the actual writing, but in the format and adherence to the university and discipline style guide rules of how the document should "look" upon submission. For instance, margins and headingd, page #s must be centered, bottom of page, arabic numerals; however, the TOC and all other prelim pages must be roman numerals. And the bibliography or works cited pages have a particular order. And charts and figures must displayed in a particular manner, etc.....I think you get the point.
    So I would like to focus on the process or end result of the thesis/dissertation process. Someone suggested ProForm; however, this too does not let people know what it is I do. I would like the name to be clear, where they say "oh, I need your services."
    Thank you for all of your help and inquires. This helps me also brainstorm for a business name. Any suggestions you can submit would be most appreciated.
  • carrieScarrieS subscriber Posts: 1
    how about something to do with second pair of eyes?
    Second Eyes
    Format for you
    Theisis Secretary
  • priscillabikerpriscillabiker subscriber Posts: 0
    Being primarily for college students, I would think something catchy and easily found on Google would be helpful to your business.
    How about "Art of Write" or "Format Biz" or "Rule of Thesis" or "Style Write" or "College Style Write" or "Edit Write" or "Editor and Chief" or "The Format Queen" or "The Format Goddess" - I am sure I can think of more:-)
  • priscillabikerpriscillabiker subscriber Posts: 0
    ....or "Doing Things Write" or "The Write Way" or....sheesh!
    I love this stuff!
  • priscillabikerpriscillabiker subscriber Posts: 0
    ...or "The Write Stuff".
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