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Waste oil collecting

pantelimonflpantelimonfl subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2012 in Business Planning
In my region, people don't recycle waste oil and nobody feels the business. I had an idea three months ago and it failed. Nobody sold me their waste oil. Now I want some ideas how can I make people collect waste oil and sell it to me. It's kind of a future business because the world fuel resources are low and the waste oil can be transformed in biodiesel.


  • pantelimonflpantelimonfl subscriber Posts: 1
    There is no competition here. No one does it. There are only a few collecting points in the whole country (Romania) and that is what is frustrating me. It's a clear business, profitable and it will be long time from here.
  • ArcSineArcSine subscriber Posts: 0
    "The collecting cost is 0" means more, of course, than simply that they don't have to buy any special equipment, containers, etc. It also means that collecting the oil into a form suitable for your pick up requires not a single iota more of time and effort than whatever they're doing now to simply dispose of the oil at the end of the day.
    So you have to consider any and all incidental costs they'd incur with the program. For example, if I've always disposed of my waste oil at the end of each day, but with your collection program I'd have to store it on my premises for some period of time (say, for example, you pick up at my location every 5th day), then such storage is indeed a cost to me, even if I don't have to expend a single explicit leu in the process. It takes up space, possibly making my workflow less efficient; it takes up containers that I might otherwise put to use elsewhere; there's a spillage or leakage possibility; in the unlikely event of a fire, the stored oil would likely make the fire significantly more damaging, etc.
    So when you say the cost is zero, I'm assuming that none of these intangible cost factors are present. With that out of the way, what kind of volume are you looking at? In other words, how much waste oil does a typical establishment generate per day? (Which leads directly to how much profit a typical establishment could expect from your collection program.)
    Have those you've approached offered reasons for their disinterest? Is it a pricing thing, or a "too much trouble" thing, or something else?
  • pantelimonflpantelimonfl subscriber Posts: 1
    Maybe a "too much trouble".
    Well. I collect in about 2 months 5l of waste oil.
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