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Ad Words...Any feedback.

NandoNando subscriber Posts: 3
edited May 2007 in Marketing
Good Afternoon
 I wanted to get some feedback in regards to Ad Words by Google.  Many next door business neighbors said that it would be a good way to go start up.  Has anyone used this service and if you have, is it worth it?
Any feedback would truly be appreciated.
Thank you


  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    NHGNikole is knowledgable in this area. You should ask her directly.
  • bertbert subscriber Posts: 12
    My experience with AdWords is that it is just another tool that works well when used correctly for specific jobs.  As with most marketing and advertising tools, AdWords is not just a sign up and the customers will come-in-herds service.  If you find one of those, I would like to know what that is too.  If used incorrectly it can be a black hole where you throw your money in bucket fulls.  Click fraud can happen as will all PPC services but I have found that Google seems to be much better at dealing with this that most.  The first thing is to have your web site found by the search engines for your keywords and then you can use AdWords to augment your results.  You will not be happy the other way around.bert2007-5-3 18:8:8
  • NandoNando subscriber Posts: 3
    Well, I am concentrating on having a majority of my advertisement by word of mouth (satisfied customer) and minor advertisment via online.  Having that said, I have a budget of $150 a month.  AdSense, never heard of that.  What is the difference of AdWords and AdSense?
  • JohnDeVriesJohnDeVries subscriber Posts: 1
    AdSense (also run by Google) refers to advertisements you can put on your web site which pertain to the subject matter your site is about.  You get money when visitors from your site click the ads.  Check out the wikipedia on AdSenseAs far as AdWords is concerned.  I would stick with Viral Marketing, Link Building, Article publishing, etc... Later, once you`ve generated some organic traffic (traffic from search engines and natural links) then reinvest that money in AdWords. Without knowing how well your website converts, how much traffic you need to make sales, etc... AdWords isn`t much help.  But, it`s a good way to diversify your marketing once you have more funds. Just my two cents.
  • bertbert subscriber Posts: 12

    Nando, I see a problem that you should address before you consider our input.  When you go to your SUN profile and select the Website the link you go to:
  • NandoNando subscriber Posts: 3
    Well, this is akward.  Thank you for pointing that out for me.  Here is the correct link. 
  • house21house21 subscriber Posts: 1
    From my experience I can tell that Adwords do not always work.
  • BusinessGrowthExpertBusinessGrowthExpert subscriber Posts: 1
    AdWords works, but be very savvy with your setup. Also make sure you`re capturing the leads (through a free offer, etc.) you`re paying to get to your site. Be sure to back up your AdWords efforts with at least 4 other methods of marketing. Want more info? Sign up for a free marketing success kit at our site (adddress below).
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