Should I register as a business?

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I hope I`m posting in the right category.
Hello everyone,
I have a blog and a few directories where I`ve made about 5k with Google adsense in 2006.  Now, I`ve never owned a business and I want to know if I should register this as a business.


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    Yes, it couldn`t hurt. Registering for a dba is very simple and inexpensive.
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     You say it`s simple, can you please explain in more details?  Thanks in advance
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    Go to your city, or county courthouse and apply at the assumed name office. Sole Proprietors pay $7-$13 in Texas to register their business name (dba- doing business as) . Partners pay $15-$20 and it cost me $25 to register my corporation dba with the state.
    Call Patrick Jaikaran at 817.478.4470 he is the best CPA I know of. He has customers all over the U.S. He can explain in better and greater detail about setting up your business. He works with small mom and pop businesses, to large corporations.
    Hope this helps!
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    The way I look at it is a business or LLC,INC, S-CORP etc. are made so there is no personal liabilities on either the owner/stock holders. So if you have a website that is unlikely to have a lawsuit against yourself, then why do such a thing. I know its hard to figure out if your gonna be sued but its part of doing business.
    On the other hand, what happens if you cannot run it anymore? Is your family going to not have an income, do you want to protect your name (domain name) these are items that I would look at also. I do know people who have a brick and mortor business and didnt incorporate untill 15 years in business. So it really is all up to you.
    PS sraza was right about the tax deal
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    You should incorporate you business as either a S or C corp. No matter what business you are in. Our company offers that service for start up and small companies. We also can help with taxes and funding. What type of business are you looking to start? And is that business based on a realistic ecnonmic model? I don`t want to sound negative it`s just many people come to us with unrealistic business models and we have to tell them no. We will never take on a client without telling them the truth about their idea. Still if you want to start a business contact us.
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    I think you should make sure the business complies with all business regulations at all times before you decide which is the best structure for your business.
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    In my views I don't think that registering is that important because it says about one blog and few directories. If it would have been in the larger scale then it would be important, what about the earnings from the blog, because that might be the only case.
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    Registering a business has significantly more advantages than not registering. Since you already sell online, I believe you would have all the basic registrations such as TIN, PAN.
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    Thanks to all participants for such useful information.
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    Registering for your business removes all the obstacles that are likely to come in the path of your company's progress. Moreover, registration is compulsory to get the benefits of various government schemes available for companies.
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