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Spouse is scared!

Fiberartist219Fiberartist219 subscriber Posts: 5
edited September 2006 in Thought Leadership
OK, so I`m looking to move from the research phase into the actually getting things done phase, and I find that after all the courage I`ve built up, I need to double it to get my husband on board. He knows this is important to me, but he`s afraid of the time and money comittment. He is nervous about the risks involved, but I have researched my ideas, and you will never succeed until you try.
I have figured out some ways to lower my start up costs, but the time thing, I really don`t know how to ease his tension on that one. How do you spend some time working on your business (after coming home from your full time job) and then assure your loved ones that you`ll still make time for them?


  • LoriKayLoriKay subscriber Posts: 0
    In order for any business to succeed you have to be willing to dedicate all of the time necessary.  On the other hand, in order for any marriage or family to be happy and healthy you need to be willing to dedicate the time necessary to make that work too.  You can certainly carve out specific periods of time throughtout the week to spend with family, but lets be realistic...if something comes up that could mean advancing your business but you are scheduled to watch a movie with the family, which one are you going to do?  Don`t make promises you can not realistically keep because it will only cause more difficulty and serve as a distraction.  This is a tough one...if your husband is not onboard with sharing what time you have left after your full time job and you know how much of "you" it is going to take to make this thing work, then you probably already know the answer to your question.  Perhaps "you" are ready, but its just not the right time.  Had I started a business 10 or even 5 years ago, I would be in the same boat.  Today, my husband is fully supportive.  If you do push forward, be prepared for the consequences...and good luck!
  • CheerDirectorCheerDirector subscriber Posts: 4
    I am married with 5 kids.  I began my business while working full-time outside of the home.  I committed to myself that I was not going to let the "busywork" of my business interfere with family time.  I am fortunate in that I require very little sleep and my family is down and out by 9:00pm.  This left me with 3 hours every night to do paperwork, accounting, website updates, organizing and planning.  I used my lunch hours at my day job to return phone calls and do those business matters that required daylight.  HOWEVER, there were still evenings and weekends that my family had to manage without me.  It is a constant balancing act.  I agree with Lori in that 5 years ago, this would not have worked for my family.
    You will make a good decision together with your husband.  It is rare in couples that both parties are risk-takers.  My husband certainly is not. 
    Good luck!CheerDirector2006-9-18 11:12:24
  • MiVentajaMiVentaja subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey Fiberalist.A good question is, "Is your husband afraid of change?"Big lifetime events such as:  A new home, a new car, growing family, etc require change.  After reading your post, I reflected on my past experiences with my wife and I was always the one to say, "Yeah, but..."It may sound silly, but you might want to involve your husband with  your business activities in small, comfortable increments that won`t spook him out of his "Confort Zone."  The main thing is, keep him involved to assure him his advice and support is important to you.I hope this helps!John
  • conservativejimconservativejim subscriber Posts: 2
    I  know where you are coming from about getting your mate onboard.I went through that with my wife.It can drive you crazy.
    In the times we live in, and the high cost of living, it is foolish not to think about making money on the internet.There are a few  quality companies that offer enormous compensation.
    Show him the money. Again and again and again. Any quality business will expose their revenue stream. And it should be easy to see. He should be able to see the stream of clients needed to make him wealthy.
    Maybe by next year he will be working full time marketing your business ideas
    Best of luck
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