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non profit idea. Anyone interested in joining me?

I created a site that could be a social networking site for water and water related problems, issues, news, etc.The temp name is the water world project and you can view the site at:www.thewaterworldproject.orgI would like to invite you to help me start and grow this idea. We can start by selecting a better name and defining the concept here. I have ads in there for now but believe me they don`t make me any money. If I can cover the cost of hosting that would be amazing. The true is that with no traffic there is no ad revenue.I would be interested in forming a non profit that will be supported by real ads one day. But mostly we will work to do something good and significant.Here is the idea. Start by inviting all the non profit  orgs that are already working to deal with water problems. Invite them to create an account to represent their org and invite them to use the platform to connect with other world orgs. So to start we could go B2B and then invite people and communities to join.Any ideas, feedback, etc, are welcome. and if anyone is interested in talking about helping more that is great as well. Thank you


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    Jaun22Jaun22 subscriber Posts: 0
    Looks like a great site. did you have someone design that for you?
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    dfernandadfernanda subscriber Posts: 6
    No. I used open source for the engine and did the work myself
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    dfernandadfernanda subscriber Posts: 6
    Yes! the name is no good. Plus I misspelled "world"  That is a great start. The concept is also too wide and undefined so yes, yes yes.
    If we find a better name I would buy the domain and replace it. Create a new logo or let a talented person do it, etc.
    I don`t have a plan as I would like to find a team and find leadership. I am more interested in seeing it grow than having control and I think the best idea is to find a CEO. A person willing to drive the concept. As you noticed the concept is not even there yet. So there is great opportunity for participation.
    A plan could be to form the team as step 1 and then work on the name and concept. From there set a plan and divide projects and tasks. Everyone is welcome!
    What do you think?
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    benmbenm subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi! I read your previous posts and would be interested in helping to develop the Water World Project for several reasons.  First is, I am pursuing my MBA and would like to get some leadership experience.  Secondly, I am beginning a new job in the waterCAD industry.  Third, I am entreprenurial also and would like to run a green business someday.  Finally, I would like to volunteer some of my time to work on projects.
    Have you identified a CEO or any other team members yet?  What is your plan for collaboration?
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    dfernandadfernanda subscriber Posts: 6
    Sounds Great! you are basically starting from square one so there is all the opportunity to help define the vision with me. No CEO yet and you are welcome to take on the role if you are serious. We can also think of inviting someone with more experince, maybe from an active non profit such as water.org, etc. We can - as I mentioned on the previous post -  start by defining the concept and the name can be changed and improved.
     Let`s exchange some ideas via e-mail and take it from there.
    Thank you
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    dfernandadfernanda subscriber Posts: 6
    The site is not live in any way. I am using open source modules that will need to be changed and modified or taken out. I am glad that you a re looking at the site that closely.
     I am not even sold on the name and domain name as I would like to truly form a team and build all of it together.
    I felt it was better to build something to show the potential of a social platform and then build from there instead of just writing down the idea.
    In any case, the site work for the most part but many modules are still not ready like the video part which I am very close to adding. All classifieds items can be changed and the search can be modified and improved.
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