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Business Mentor

dfernandadfernanda subscriber Posts: 6
I am looking for help. I am a professional with over 10 years in product development (software & Internet) working on a very promising evenings and weekends project. As a solo owner I feel the need for direction and guidance and an experienced voice to help me move at my own pace but knowing I am effective.I would like to find a mentor with experience developing internet businesses.Is this possible? what do I offer in return for mentorship? Thank you


  • Wirehead321Wirehead321 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I have been working in the internet field for about ten years myself. I  found that developing for my own business the hardness thing. so what I did is contacted a mentor a SCORE. This a free service and i got a lot of advice and someone to listen to my ideas and keep me focused on my business. Now i am not a successful as I want to be but it has helped me view my business like I would any other client. So I would check out a SCORE office near and let them be your mentor while you run your business. I hope this helps.
  • dfernandadfernanda subscriber Posts: 6
    Hello!I am sorry  it took me so  long to reply. But I had to do some work first.My first business idea was to build an online site to promote soft adventure sports but along the way I found a way to sell travel products and that took me into a different direction. Working solo is great because I can do what i want and it is not great because it is easy to lose focus.Anyway, I have done good work but I am still missing focus and direction. I need help. I am curious about the concept of mentorship and I have been following the other posts on the topic.Here are the two version of the business I have been buildinga) www.playground-earth.com   (travel site)b) www.playground-earth.org    (publishing site)I did check on SCORE but no one ever reply. I wil try again.Thank you for your replies and helpPlease stay in touch I will appreciate any feedbackFernanda
  • Wirehead321Wirehead321 subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    Hello Fernanda,
    I have been to both of your sites. They look great and have a lot of info about travel. I am sorry you didn`t find someone at SCORE. But there is a program the have with HP called Direct Business Matchmaking. I join in august they had to evnets in Chicaog that connected me with other small business and government agencies looking to buy goods and services from small business. you can sign up at HP.com/business or go to SBA.gov both sites have information about Direct Business Matchmaking. Another site that I had great success in find a partner is Xing.com it an international business networking site I joined last month in that time I have met and about to partner with two overseas software outsourcing companies. Try both of them and see if it works for you like it did me. Also being a woman owned business you can go to Ryze.com and look up Jennifer Cannon she has a group just for women in business. She is a great resource and a very nice person. I am sure she will welcome you to her group.  Any way try these places and keep in touch. i like to see how you are doing.
    Best Regards,
    Howard Lee
    Wirehead Technology
  • dfernandadfernanda subscriber Posts: 6
    Thank you for all the great leads. I actually was able to connect with a person at SCORE. I would try your other suggestions as well.Thank you again!Fernanda
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