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branding test

dfernandadfernanda subscriber Posts: 6
edited July 2007 in Marketing
Hey all.

May I ask you for help?

I am trying to build a brand but I am not 100% sure who is my target audience. I am not sure if my gut
feeling is correct. I set out to target working adults but I know the
them is usually targeted to younger crowds.

Am I wrong?

The test URL (I am not trying to get hits to a working site) show images of what I envision with some text messages. I would like to hear your opinion if you have the time.

I would appreciate it!


This is a test page so not all links work. Please look at the images and concept behind them. It is work in progress... and I welcome any advice, critics, suggestions, etc.

dfernanda2007-7-4 0:8:38


  • dfernandadfernanda subscriber Posts: 6
    Great link for the outdoorindustry.orgHum? I like what they are doing as that was just the idea I was describing above. Now I have even more to think about...Thank you
  • dfernandadfernanda subscriber Posts: 6
    Yes, it has been a discovery process and I believe in following my heart. Somethings being totally confused and uncertain is a good as when I have clarity and purpose.I will enjoy the process of finding out what is what I am doing, and what should Playground Earth be. Thank you again for your post. Stay in touch
  • qsoundrichqsoundrich subscriber Posts: 0
    Your site looks very polished and gives the impression that it`s been around for a while.  It`s amazing what you can do with a few plug-in tools from big sites these days.  I really like the way you are presenting the brand (and the cool name.)  It does look like you may want to focus a little more.  I get the impression that your site is a skin for Travelocity, rather than somebody who`s going to customize a trip for me.  In that case, you`ll be more focused on driving traffic through the site with something like a newsletter or other types of advice to add value to Travelocity.  Your other option is to put the packages together yourself and re-sell them as a convenience to busy vacationers.  Some companies seem to be having some measure of success with this model recently.  Unfortunately those links are to a site you have to pay to access.  Do any of the people here at SuN have comments on the viability of a boutique travel business?  The internet seemed to be the demise of the traditional travel agent, but can you still niche yourself to profitability in the vacation-planning arena? 
  • dfernandadfernanda subscriber Posts: 6
    Great ideas from all!  I know I am missing original and interesting content to make the connection between what I am selling. I can`t answer the question of "why is Playground Earth different" except by saying that the company promotes "soft sports" for the rest of us. Adding easy and fun activities to a vacation can make it memorable and why not try a surfing class or a kayak trip for a first time. here is a sample page I have been working on since we started the chat. I am connecting hotels with activities and will add recommendations and ratings. Also to add the possibility of a "one to one relationship" I was thinking of adding a way for user to add their own articles. http://www.playground-earth.com/vacatio ... s/diving_v acations.html
  • dfernandadfernanda subscriber Posts: 6
    Thank you Craig.I like the quote about the 10 kinds of people.... it is very good!
  • qsoundrichqsoundrich subscriber Posts: 0
    I would say just think about what you can offer that nobody else can, or who you can offer it to that isn`t currently being served.  This is the brainstorming process I am going through anyway...  I like the idea of teaming up with your "competition" rather than trying to compete directly.  Piggybacking other businesses may be the place to find the margin.You might try to form an informal relationship with customers and potential customers by writing some content. 
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