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I’m new from Chicago!

FeliciaSlatteryFeliciaSlattery subscriber Posts: 1
edited August 2007 in Website Critique

I came across this great site and just had to jump in!  I am a communication consultant, speaker & coach and I specialize in helping home-based businesses effectively communicate who they are to their ideal target markets.
I am a home-based business owner myself, and am from the far west suburbs of Chicago.  I`ve been teaching communication skills for over a decade and I love it!
Last week I put the finishing touches on my brand new website, http://www.communicationtransformation.com</A>.  I am so excited about it-- I`ve had lots of great feedback... plus found a few things to tweak and make a bit better.  I`d love to know what you think!
For you, I offer a free e-course delivered to your email over the course of 5 days where you`ll discover how to Increase Business by Communicating Your Credibility.  We all know how tough it can be to establish credibility in the marketplace as a start-up small business. I`ll show you how in 5 easy step-by-step interactive lessons.  Sign up now at:   ity-ecourse.html
I look forward to meeting many people here and sharing ideas!


  • ideaGENERATORideaGENERATOR subscriber Posts: 4
    I checked out your site, and as a web and graphic designer I have to point out your color scheme, they work together but they might send the wrong message.
    The yellow in the center is very friendly and draws attention.  But the darker hues of red and yellow kind of come off as evil.  Look at your picture.  I hate to say this, but the shadowing and lighting make you look evil, even with your very nice smile.  Well, "eviler" than your business would want to be represented by.  To change this, get a picture that is in good lighting. You don`t need expensive equipment, just take a picture during the afternoon. Simple.
    The other unfortuanate thing of the photo is the drop shadowing makes you look 2-D.  It is a great effect to use on shapes and logos, but on cropped images is unprofessional.
    Another thing you want to avoid is using many fonts.  I always try to use only two (not including logo). Like using many colors, it can clash and make your site look messy.
    Hope that helps.
  • FeliciaSlatteryFeliciaSlattery subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Craig,
    Thanks for the welcome.  We`re just down Route 25 from you.  I`ll pop over to the discussion you suggested.  You`re right-- I`d better get to work!
  • FeliciaSlatteryFeliciaSlattery subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi "Idea Generator,"
    I`ve had some previous feedback about the dark picture but nothing as ominous as you describe.  I do have another professional image I have planned to use in place of the darker image on the home page. 
    Red is the color of action, something we coaches and consultants are interested in helping people with.  Reds, golds and oranges are the colors of autumn, a time of change and transformation.  The color palette is fully intentional.  I appreciate your opinion, but the honest feedback I`ve had from multiple sources is that the design is effective, warm, and welcoming.
    Outside of the logo and masthead, there are two fonts on the pages, one serif font and one non-serif font.  Some have commented that the quotation in the masthead is difficult to read, so that will be changed to match the serif font on the rest of the page.
    Good luck with your design business.
  • JuvenesseJuvenesse subscriber Posts: 2
    Felicia, I`m from Chicago as well.  Live and work downtown in River North.  Clearly you`ve done your homework regarding color and as for evil?? No way!
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I`ve had some previous feedback about the dark picture but nothing as ominous as you describe.The problem is that there was only one light source and it is slightly below your eye line.
  • FeliciaSlatteryFeliciaSlattery subscriber Posts: 1

    Thanks for welcome, Randy, Craig & Steve!
    I personally thought "evil" was a poor word choice, but be try not to take things personally.  If I did-- that might be enough to scare away the new kid in town!  No worries-- I`m all good.  And it`s nice to see some folks come to my defense.   I`m having my VA change out the pics.  My photographer did a shoot outside and I`m wearing a jacket the same color as the yellow on the site.  It`s much brighter!
    See you all on the forums!  I`m still trying to find my way around. This is a big place .
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    I just wanted to give you warm WELCOME to the board!!
  • happy2bemehappy2beme subscriber Posts: 6
    Welcome Felicia- I just checked out the site and signed up for the free course. In fact, my first course has just arrived in my mail- exciting! I am also in search of a tagline, with a product that`s very new. I would love your thoughts and if you`d like you can just e-mail straight to me by clicking on the photo. I really like your site and the simplicity of it is awesome. I have no real issues other than I had to squint to read Anthiny Robbins Quote.
    All the Best- Diana Low www.theappreciationstation.com</A>
    PS- Craig`s the goods!
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    I personally thought "evil" was a poor word choice, but be try not to take things personally.It was meant as a technical term.Watch any scary movie and you can notice that the lighting for bad guys tends to be low.  Hitchcock would use a single light on the studio floor.  The good guys always are lit from above with a fair amount of backlighting to highlight the hair.Now, back on topic...Drag a photographer along with you to your next speaking gig so that you can include some photos of you at work.  Maybe consider a one-minute video on the website of you making a point with your audience.  A sample of your energy and tone.
  • FeliciaSlatteryFeliciaSlattery subscriber Posts: 1

    Thanks, Steve-
    I appreciate the perspective.
    Incorporating video onto my site is a great idea.  I do have the few occasional audios on my website, but video would be even more compelling.
    A website is never truly "finished," is it?
  • FeliciaSlatteryFeliciaSlattery subscriber Posts: 1

    Hi Diana,
    Thank you for signing up for my free e-course.  I know people like to get started right away.  Whenever I sign up for something I want the instant gratification, too, so I set my program up that way. 
    I saw your comment about your biggest communication challenege and I sent you a private reply.  I`d be happy to help you with a tagline, too. There is a discussion about taglines in another thread (Craig put a link to it) and the members are offering great helpful ideas.  You could do the same. 
    You`re right-- from what I`ve seen Craig has many great ideas to share.  And he`s in my own backyard!  I see an in-person networking meeting in my future!
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