Thanks to everyone who critiqued my site!

FayetteamShopsFayetteamShops subscriber Posts: 3
edited January 2009 in Website Critique
I have made some changes based on the various advice I received here.  I do like the way the site looks and flows much better.  I want to says thanks to everyone.  If you want to check out the changes or want to critique my site now, please visit the site at
Thanks Again!
Fayetteam Shops


  • JmesJmes subscriber Posts: 4
    I can honestly say I like it more than the last design. But there`s still something missing
    It`s kind of hard to put my finger on it..It just doesn`t pass on the feeling of.. `shopping`
    Perhaps you should add a rather large picture of a woman choosing an item from a shelf... or... something on the background.. I`m not quite sure
    Perhaps you have a better idea..
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