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Choosing the right Industry Financial Report

mikkelbmikkelb subscriber Posts: 3
edited June 2012 in Business Planning
Hey! I'm about to buy http://www.bizminer.com/industries/Offi ... ores-4532/ so I have some data for my Peer Company Comparisons https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc ... l9jLXRpNFE - but what sales class should I choose (for my online retail startup)?Should I choose $0.4m because, naturally, this is where I'll be initially? Or any of the higher classes as this is where I aspire to be?I read somewhere that: "When selecting peer companies, you need to consider how many years have they been in business. The financial measures of a company that has been in business for 10 years is likely to be considerable different than a startup. For example, a startup's Sales & marketing expenses, as a % of revenue, should be considerable greater than a mature company. In that case you should consider the peer company's measures as a target that you may reach in year 5."But BizMiner doesn't let me choose years - only sales classes. But isn't it possible that many of the analyzed companies that have been in business for over 10 years somehow lost their way and are now down to their knees with $0.4m, whereas many startups who came correct are now at $250m? Maybe it's best to choose "all sales classes" then?Many thanks!Mikkel
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