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Business Plan For A Website!! HELP

ObieObie subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2008 in Business Planning
I am planning on building a website, a great one! I have ideas running through my head and I am wondering if I really need a business plan for my website. I created a website last year and that one did not work out (www.attractiveads.com)...no traffic. Well I have not put in any work on it yet.
But I have a feelings this website will drive about 2000-5000 a day for the first month, because of the topic and because of my target audience.
Please somebody give me an idea of what a business plan for a website should look like, details and specifics!!


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    robertjrobertj subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    I strongly beleive that it`s a good idea to have some type of plan and it should be written down. You don`t have to produce a 50 page, 4 color dissertation but I advise covering the basics.
    For starters, why should/will this business exist- from the customer point of view. Describe the "problem" you will solve. 
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    ObieObie subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks guys,
    I bought a note book, where I write all my business ideas down. I also have been writing down my ideas for the website, why it should start, this website will change so many people`s lifes through music and information.
    Can a person like myself, get a loan or get an investor for such internet business...Theres no products involved, well at least not yet. Basically the revenue will be generated through ads for the main time and other services will be added soon. My main goal is to kick it off the ground.
    But I am a full time student and also work full time...the website will need a lot of time spend on it updating and maintain...How would I make sure the site is updated? I can not afford to hire help at the moment.
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    dsprindledsprindle subscriber Posts: 2
    Dear Obie,
    I`m no expert, but am learning through experience. It is just too big a subject for me to get into any depth in these forums. But every little bit helps. I have come to appreciate what people are sharing through the StartupNation Community. Some very helpful suggestions.
    Any business needs a plan, including an online business. Many people make the mistake on focusing on the money first. Very important...but it`s the last step to a profitable online business.
    No traffic, no business, no profit. So you need to find out how to get traffic.
    You don`t have a lot of time or money. So like me, you might want to learn from the experience of others. That`s probably why you posted here.

    You can finds lots of free info about what works and what doesn`t here.
     It has saved us a lot of time and a ton of money.
    Scott & Laurie
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    ObieObie subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks again,
    Referring to CraigL - So i need to figure out the plan for my "business" not the website. when that is done and written done in details, then I can do the website. But my business is providing consumers with music industry news, music audios, videos, etc. The part that is giving me a headache is figuring out how to profit from this service. How do gain profitable ads from companies, how to maintain loyal and provide up to date news and medias.
    Thats why i am stuck at!
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