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Wanting Advice/Suggestions/Expertise

Johnp5435Johnp5435 subscriber Posts: 1
edited July 2009 in Selecting a Business
Hello everyone.  I`m hoping I`m posting this in the correct forum, if not, my apologies in advance.  A friend and I have been wanting to start our own business for a while now, and we`ve both been taking a hard look at DVDNow.  This is a DVD vending machine business, very similar to REDBOX, which has been blowing up in my local area.  So far REDBOX`s are popping up like gophers everywhere I look at all the major retailers (they require a minimum of servicing 15000 customers per week to place a machine at a retailer`s store), but there is still tons of room for competition.  Brick and mortar video stores are going the way of the dinosaur and online video rentals are still a very small percentage of the overall video rental market.  Basic start up expenses for equipment, initial inventory and fees for support services (machine delivery and setup, site locating and contract negotiation, retailer site fees, etc) I estimate to be about $30,000.  My city of Greensboro, NC, is a area of about 240,000 people. 
I feel there is real opportunity here for an entrepeneur.  Ideas/comments anyone?


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