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Great Investment Opportunity

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Investment Opportunity



Every Where Signs LLC is an out of home advertising company that specializes in indoor digital billboards.  We provide a dynamic form of advertising that brings sound and motion together to attract the attention of every consumer that passes by our digital billboards.  Advertising with us makes every advertiser have the high quality and classy appeal to gain more market share and attention of their target markets.




Every Where Signs LLC is looking to raise enough money to spread through out the Milwaukee area.  For every $60,000 invested, you will get 10% of all ad revenue for 20 indoor digital billboards.  The more you invest, the more digital billboards you will get 10% of ad revenue.   We are looking to put 40 to 80 indoor digital billboards in the Milwaukee and Madison area.  Our estimated time of return for your investment will be four to five years.  We will be able to charge $400 to $500 a year for one ten second still advertisement, more for 30 second commercials.  Taking the 20 billboards and having 20 advertisements on each one, your total income for a year would be $16,000, which you would than make your investment back in less than four years. 


Why people advertise with us?

Every Where Signs indoor digital billboards reach a large target market.  For every 20 billboards, an advertiser can reach an average of 5 million target market consumers a year.  America has made television a necessity and when someone sees a television they watch it with out hesitation.  Our form of advertising brings television commercials out of the home.  With the indoor digital billboards placed where consumers have to wait an average of two to five minutes, all advertisements will be watched.  Studies have shown that over 95% to 100% of people look at the advertisements when noticed.  Over 85% of the consumers remember the advertisement after seeing it.  Bringing motion and sound combined out of the home to advertising catches consumers’ attention more than ever, as well as the dynamic colors and affordability. 


What our clients our saying:

MyBarCard, testimonial
“Every Where Signs is the future of advertising right now! The results are undeniable; the way they’re able to place our ads in our target markets using the latest irresistible technology is truly remarkable.  The way they incorporate sound and motion to our ads, commands our audiences undivided attention add to the eye-catching colors and other content which arouses any potential prospects curiosity, allowing for an outstanding marketing campaign tool.”
Go to our website at www.everywheresign.com
If interested contact [email protected] and get more information.
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