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Nuna Inua - Tundra Spirit

EskimoLuckEskimoLuck subscriber Posts: 3
edited March 2007 in Website Critique
I buy/sell/create Alaska Native artwork.  At this time I only have a few of my pieces on the site.  I am marketing to the older generation, established galleries, women, and collectors. 
It is quite bare.  I am hoping to find out what I need to do to the site before I start advertising it in ernest.  I am using a company called Homestead to build my site.   It`s basically a template that I plugged things into.  I will spend the money in a few months to have it updated to my specific vision. 
Other than all around comments I would like to get your opinion on:
1.What other pages (information) should I add?
2. Do my photos of the artwork work and are they pleasing?
3. What color scheme do you think will work, and should I add other graphics or photos?
4. Would you buy from this site?  Why or why not?
Your comments are very much appreciated!


  • EskimoLuckEskimoLuck subscriber Posts: 3
    Nobody feels like nit-picking? 
    hmmm....how does one get people o nit-pit ones website?
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    I think people might be waiting for you to update it to your real vision. After all there`s not much sense in providing feedback if you plan to update in the near future.Answers to your specific questions are...1. I think you have the right pages (eg. policy, about us, etc.)2. The photos are fair, once clicking the enlargement. Nothing spectacular.3. The color scheme and "do you think that will work" is a bit difficult to answer. Are you looking for "will work?" Or are you trying to create a new, one of a kind, presence? Color are a matter of preference, but I am able to read everything well, with the colors you have used.4. No. Please don`t take this too harsh... I would not buy from your site because I believe your prices are too high. If that price is truly what you need to earn per piece, I would build the value somehow. It doesn`t seem like I get much for my money. Also, I would be reluctant to purchase from your site because it is very "canned" looking. Not extremely professional, and reminds me of a site built in the early to mid 90`s. This makes me believe the store owner does very little business, which makes me wonder about the quality of product I am to receive. The site almost looks like a "place holder." And from your original post about changing it to your vision later... it likely is.I think the site needs quite a bit of copy writing assistance. I believe you should spend some time reading the Site Review 101 (guidelinesV1).
  • EskimoLuckEskimoLuck subscriber Posts: 3
    I appreciate your input!
    From your reveiw I can see what I need to work on.
    I know now that I need to add a page that relates to price, material and quality.  And to add a page describing why these prices are what they are (they are actually incredibly low prices for these types of pieces  ) 
    I am at the moment negotiating a deal with a copywriter.  I am unfortunately one of those people who can pitch rather well in person...but when it comes down to writing it all, I am lacking.  This is a good thing to know, and something that needs to be addressed.
    These are all very helpful tips.  I am one of those people that has to know what the thing has to look like in the end so that I can aim for a goal.
    Thank you!
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    Why have a "page" addressing quality? Why not state it as part of the description. Most customers are not going to hunt around for `why` they are willing to pay. Most are only reading (if that) the product description and making a decision as to the value and their personal needs. But... a qualified copy writer would be a good start.
  • EskimoLuckEskimoLuck subscriber Posts: 3
    Why have a "page" addressing quality? Why not state it as part of the description. Most customers are not going to hunt around for `why` they are willing to pay. Most are only reading (if that) the product description and making a decision as to the value and their personal needs. But... a qualified copy writer would be a good start.
    The prices are based on the type of materials used (which are very rare and can only be worked by a certain group of people), the cultural background of the artists, and the skill.  I have included a description of what the pieces are made of ...albeit breifly (walrus ivory, caribou and polar bear hair)...but maybe adding a page about the "specialness" of the materials will work? 
    I am assuming most people who will be vewing the site have some knowledge of the pieces....should I just go ahead and assume they have none?  What do you think?
  • iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    The internet contains more than your "thought of target market." It would be great if you could use the site to produce new followers whom didn`t originally know much about your product. Everyone will run their biz in their own way, but I would personally assume the person landing on your page has never heard of, known or, and isn`t even interested in your product(s). How do you catch that individual?People who come to your site, which know you, likely have no problem  with seeing "obvious" information. I suppose it depends on how you plan to use the Internet as an income generator.
  • EskimoLuckEskimoLuck subscriber Posts: 3
    The webstore itself is mainly created to cater to those customer base that I already have.  Since we have no road system, we are very isolated, and airfare is expensive, the internet is an awesome place to allow my customers to browse my inventory, an inventory that changes often.
    But I do think I need to seriously consider having individuals that have had no contact with my company.  This is very thought provoking actually. lol.
  • 337design337design subscriber Posts: 3
    Yo Eskimo, I think your product photos are beautiful... but the template that you are using compromises the high-quality of those photos.  Imagine a cluttered storefront with dust and signs in the window, but there in the middle sort of hidden is an awesome jewel or necklace.  I would suggest going with a different template that has big bold photos as part of the homepage.  - Ben
  • EskimoLuckEskimoLuck subscriber Posts: 3
    Thank you 337!
    I have been playing with the pictures and arrangement trying to get a feel for what I like. 
    I have tons of photos that I have taken myself...just trying to see what would work visually....and still feel warm and fuzzy.
    Stay warm!
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