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esilvaesilva subscriber Posts: 4
Hey Guys,
I haven`t posted a topic in quite some time. I`m in the game and talking about it.
I have a great idea for an online business that I want to take action
NOW! I don`t know how to do any programming or anything like that. I
want to get started with VA`s and have an acct with ELance now. How do
I build a team of VA`s to program, build, manage, and design my site?
Do I hire VA`s to build everything then hire seperate VA`s to manage
and run the site? Also, I want them to build it but I`m nervous to tell
the people I end up picking what it is I`m trying to do with the site.
Mainly because what`s stopping them from thinking "Oh man that`s a good
idea" and run off with it?
Any help or experience in building a huge site from scratch using VA`s the whole way would be a HUGE help!
Pre-Thanks to All,
Eric Silva
follow me- http://twitter.com/esilva83


  • KristofKristof subscriber Posts: 1
    if this will be a big project, involving a lot of peoples from different disciplines, you better look for a `project manager`.  This can be one of the developers or webdesigners, but this can also be an external person. If you will need a webmaster to manage the site, i recommend to promote him to projectleader from the start.
    I do not have any experience with hiring people , so I don`t know if this can work for big projects.  I do know that good communication is very important.  So even if you are afraid people will run with your idea, you well need to explain everything into the details to the developers. Most of the projects that fail is mostly because there is no communication.
    Good luck with the project.
  • esilvaesilva subscriber Posts: 4
    Hey Kristof,
    Thanks for the good info. It will be big but not overly big, I`ll just need the people to actually build a site for me. Probably designer, programmer, seo specialist, etc...Maybe about 5-7 people. I should just post the job on ELance and just talk to them to see how I can do this with there company.
    Eric Silva
    follow me- http://twitter.com/esilva83
  • KristofKristof subscriber Posts: 1
    you don`t need that a lot of people for a regular (big) site.  Look for a good freelance developer to do the coding and a designer who you feel connected to (you have to like his/her artwork).  With you as the person to make sure they communicate properly, your team is complete
    Once you have written the content, a freelance writer can make sure it`s clean and professional.
    Do you already have a storyboard of the site?  And do you have the content?  These things are more important then the latest cool web 2.0 feature. Also good content is great for SEO.
    I would suggest you start out with the most neccessary stuff on the site with a small team and see how your customers react.  Once they like it, you can start building the cool,  fancy features and let the specialists do their job.
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