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Real Estate Investing - How do I get started?



  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Getting Started As A Real Estate Investor. Read this first.
    I came across this site a while back. I recommend reading this so you can see what not to do!
  • MNMtgGuyMNMtgGuy subscriber Posts: 3
    Holding real estate in an IRA is pretty complex.
    Here is a good resource for you:
    Todd GrillPresidentEntrust Midwest LLC763-559-5363Fax: 763-559-5365
    He works with folks all over the country.
  • onlineeateronlineeater subscriber Posts: 16
    Check out this link. Good info for those looking to go the RE business route. http://forum.richdad.com/forums/tm.asp?m=3753&p=1&tm ode=1&smode=1
  • righttimerighttime subscriber Posts: 1
    Erin,About six years ago I started investing in rental properties to build income for future retirement.  It is working well for me.  Thank goodness there is room for mistakes because I have made plenty. The two most important lessons I have learned are:1.  There is an old saying that "In real estate, the profit is made at the time of the purchase".  In other words, I have not found a way to profit by buying small properties at or near market prices.  With this in mind, I have found HUD foreclosures to be an excellent source of discounted properties in good condition.  An experienced HUD realtor will make the HUD process simple.    For this same reason, I don`t buy "fixer uppers".  Money invested in start up rejuvenation and vacancy during rejuvenation is the same thing as a higher price.2.  I dig deep to determine if other landlords in the neighborhood are able to find renters quickly.  One way I do this is to tour the neighborhood each weekend and record all the "For Rent" signs.  I will do this for 4-6 weeks.  This gives me a real good idea if there is adequate demand for another rental in the area.  I also make phone calls to many of the numbers on the signs to find out what price the market will support.  In other words, I pick the neighborhood then I shop for a house.Using these techniques and many of the ones previously posted, I have been able to have high occupancy and positive cash flow in a retirement business.  I highly encourage this business and wish you luck.
  • ecacofonixecacofonix subscriber Posts: 0
    While forums such as these enable you to get excellent feedback for your questions, for a question such as yours which is of a general nature, I think it might be better if you are able to provide more details about your goals re your investment etc...is this going to be a purely financial investment or would you be interested in staying in the real estate / property in future? if it is a purely financial investment, what kind of returns are you expecting?
    I think if you are able to our down more specific questions re your goal and expectations, folks might be in a better position to provide more precise and useful answers
    Just some thoughts, hope it is of help!
    NS @ RealPedia - Real Estate Directory & WWW Encyclopedia
  • ellisleeellislee subscriber Posts: 0
    Real estate is a one of the best place to invest your money and it is a best way to make money in the short time. It is very safe investment
  • isaiahsparrowisaiahsparrow subscriber Posts: 0
    Most of investor like to invest money in the real estate business and it is very less risky investment. It also help to earn money in short time
  • EstellaEstella subscriber Posts: 0 Member
    No doubt in it that Real Estate is a good option of investing but there are many more, as it totally depends which one suits you. Well in my case I'm investing in currencies of different countries, which I would say is a very lucrative way of making money.
    forex currency trading
  • jackwarnerjackwarner subscriber Posts: 0
    Before starting any business you should have its complete knowledge. You should first complete your studies regarding this and then get some training under any experienced person. This will help you to learn practical techniques and approach of your business.
  • alplouisalplouis subscriber Posts: 0
    Looking for funding for your business or start up? Visit us www.businesscreditamerica.com. We have a team of business credit experts ready to assist with helping you get the funding you need. Give us a call 1-888-821-6408 ext 2.
  • martindevid5martindevid5 subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi all,
    Generally, the financial rewards of being a real estate investor far exceed those of the average corporate or hourly wages of many. This is a lucrative profession, but when you are building a real estate business, it requires persistence, confidence in one's abilities, positive attitude, and ethical practices in order to truly profit in an ongoing basis.
  • luciferstekluciferstek subscriber Posts: 0
    You can acquire a lot of details from the city planner. They can tell you about new organizations that are going into the place, how many tasks they are developing, and the earnings variety for those tasks. This is useful details to have as a real estate investor.
  • aman30aman30 subscriber Posts: 0
    If you want to start real estate business, then you should first make contact to reliable real estate agent or a real estate lawyer. You should determine your budget means how much you want to invest? After, this find the property and decide in which kind of do you want to invest, commercial or residential.
  • channasanjeevchannasanjeev subscriber Posts: 0
    This is really good decision for you.
  • Jacob74Jacob74 subscriber Posts: 0
    Investment is the major obstacle in that business. When I opened my real estate company several people suggested me to Consider a Partnership with a company specialized in real estate, I was a novice in this domain and did not want to risk that much so I accepted the offer. Now things are going great and I don`t regret that decision, you should also think seriously about that.
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