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hi, i'm erika
i'm 16 and a BIG entrepreneur!!
this is my idea: i wanna open a cupcake bussiness on but i have no clue how to get started...
i have the sites i need to order materials in bulk, i also have recipes set-up, and i even have a system on my computer to help me organize the orders!
so here is my real questions...
1) what do i need to sell food legally out of my house?
2) should i register my bussiness first off? or wait till it makes money?
3) should i use this as my main income or work another job till this one gets off its feet?
4) i live in a town house with a family of four... should i consider a commercial kitchen?
thank u for reading this, and thank you if u answer any questions!
p.s. PLEASE tell me more if i missed something!!!
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