Water balls - funny business idea

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Here is a good idea to start a small business. Water balls that you can use as an entertainment. You put a man inside such a ball, blow it and place it into some water surface: lake, river, swimming pool. etc
See here for the details:
The water ball is for walking on water, floating on water, also as a float tank, and show business
You can buy such balls and the equipment on the internet. One ball costs around $1000
It`s kinda funny and I don`t consider as a serious business.. But I think it might be a good opportunity for selling advertising or promotion of something because it will attract a lot of people.
I might be interested in trying this funny thing and maybe even investing some money into it if I find people who is interested in this as well in Chicagoland area.
What do you think?ericnhorton5/22/2009 9:56 AM


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