Using Skype as a Main Business Line for a small business?

xericxxericx subscriber Posts: 6
I just set up a skype account. 2.99 per month for unlimited calls to USA and Canada and 4 per month for a physical number that people can call. So 7 dollars a month. 
Voicemail is free. And the most important is that its portable for me (I travel alot, including out of the country). 
Has anyone done this here and have any pros/cons about it? 
Most of my communication I try to do on email..i do have 2 lines with Vonage for VOIP but this is a completely new venture that I want a "fresh" number for.
I also have a Yahoo Voice account but I`ve heard that the voice quality isn`t as good and you cannot customize the greeting on the voicemail, so that`s a no-go.  xericx6/5/2008 3:55 AM


  • CarlsonCarlson subscriber Posts: 2
    I haven`t used Skype yet but the price seems great. Depending on what type of phone system you need, you may want to take a look at Got Vmail. $9.99 per month will get you a toll-free number, automated voicemail with call forwarding, music on hold, and up to nine mailboxes. This service is really easy to use and makes your company look like a large firm. Additional features include fax-thru-email and fax-on-demand. I have used Got Vmail for the past two years and couldn`t be happier. I refer all of my clients to their site: 
    I`d like to hear more about Skype. Send me an email and let me know what you think of their service. Good Luck!  
  • xericxxericx subscriber Posts: 6
    cool.i know internationally skype is extremely popular, here in the US, not somuch as we are relative tech-averse. 
    so far it seems fine. my call volume is low, so i don`t need to invest alot and i hire a lot of contractors so no need for multiple lines.
  • Mike LevinMike Levin subscriber Posts: 7 Member
    Skype cannot guarantee high quality of the phone calls. So it's better just to use virtual number with PBX system.
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