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How to share same DBA in two companies?

kltdcokltdco subscriber Posts: 1
edited May 2010 in Business Planning
There's a company (let's call it "Big Company") working in the IT consulting services area registered in NJ, it's operating under DBA registered in NJ too, let's call it "Big Name". They have already built a great experience and customer base. I'm about to start my own business in the same area and we in general agree that it would be a good idea if I incorprate under my own name (let's call it "Small Company") also in NJ, but for all my client communication will use "Big Name" (i.e. clients will think they're still dealing with "Big Name" brand) in return for exclusivity, i.e. all services I sell will be subsontracted only to "Big Name" and nobody else. This allows me to present myself as an established company for the clients and thus do a quick start. It also gives "Big Name" additional market expansion and business with literally zero investment.Anyone can suggest what needs to be legally done/registered here in order to implement above scheme? It's very important not to mix the risks of the two entities, i.e. Big Company's clients can't sue Small Company and vice versa.


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