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Nedd Help With Tagline

FitBiznessFitBizness subscriber Posts: 2
edited August 2007 in Marketing
Hello everyone.I`m brand new to the site. It seems to be an invaluable resource. I am currently a independent personal trainer/sports performance trainer and conduct Boot Camp classes for women. I am opening a small studio where the concept is personal training in small groups. I am already doing some of my sessions in this manner with great results. They pay a fraction of one-on-one rates and I make more per hour. Barring any serious orthopedic or other health issues having a trainer one-on-one is more luxury than necessity. So here`s the dilemma; most people immediately jump to the conclusion that it is group exercise like a spinning class , step class, or TaeBo. In those formats the instructor is too busy getting a workout for himself to see what you need help with or need to be modified. In my format you are still receiving ample amounts of one-on-one attention albeit intermittently. I`ve had some help from other people and here`s what we have so far. The name of the business is The Fitness Circuit. Suggested taglines have been "Your journey to fitness may be personal, but it`s never lonely." Or on the financial side:"Results have never been more affordable." Any help would be so much appreciated. Sorry for the long post.


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    FitBiznessFitBizness subscriber Posts: 2
    Craig,Yes, but more high energy. You must have had quality yoga instruction because even there I have experienced the instructor staying at the front and doing the best job possible from "afar" or correcting/helping people. Yet, essentially this is the idea. Class size would be limited to 8 people. Exercises could be modified up or down so to speak making sure that each person is training at his or her maximum safe level. Thanks for the inquiry.Scott
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    ideaGENERATORideaGENERATOR subscriber Posts: 4
    I think you said it best with your explanation of the concept:
    "personal training in small groups"
    but  here are a few ideas anyway...
    the focus of a team with one-on-one attention
    personal training in the pace of a class
    Btw, the ideal length of a tag line is 5-7 words... 10 being the absolute max.
    g`luck.ideaGENERATOR2007-8-7 17:26:28
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    FitBiznessFitBizness subscriber Posts: 2
    I can`t express enough how much I appreciate everyone`s help. Based on your suggestions here`s just one that I came up withThe Fitness CircuitResults have never been so affordable.Tell me what you think.Scot
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    FitBiznessFitBizness subscriber Posts: 2
    Craig,Point well taken. Thank you.I`ll keep working on it.Scott
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