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How to Save Time - Don’t Answer the Phone

AleemAleem subscriber Posts: 4
CAUTION: You can save a lot of time by simply not answering your phone, ever! However, this is not for everyone. In fact you should only try this if you have staff to attend to your customers and draw your attention to what`s urgent.----So here`s what I`ve discovered after I decided to stop answering the phone for a week:If it`s important they`ll leave a message.If it`s very important, they`ll leave two messages.If it`s urgent, they`ll leave messages on every phone you`ve got and on every number they know.People who want something from you and whatever they want is solely to their benefit (i.e. not yours) will never say what it`s about when they`re leaving the messages. In fact, most of the time, they won`t leave any message at all but if they do, it will just be asking you to call them back.More often than not, people who block their numbers from caller ID are idiots you don`t want to talk to. Don`t worry, if it`s important, a message would be left.So there you have it, the simplest form of "getting efficient through technology"


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