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To outsource or not to outsource that is the question?

NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
Ok, my fellow SUNies,
Here is something to ponder on...I need as much feed back as possible.I own a web development company in southern California. As I mentioned before, I started out this business with a 200 dollar credit card and a dream to make it big. Well it`s been 4 years now and I feel happy to say that I`ve had my shares of ups and downs, but I`ve made it to the next phase of "The Business Plan"
I have a few questions to ask. Has anyone ever outsourced their custom programming over seas? Is it safe to do so? If it can be done.. how do you treat it at the end of the year? Is it still a write off? How would I go on about claiming it.... As a business expense or what?


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    bfleming98bfleming98 subscriber Posts: 0
    I have outsourced to AU, India, Egypt, Russia.  Language barriers can be a problem but the work is done cheaply.  I use RentACoder.com.
    I`ve seen a lot projects that were done for other people being sold off for nothing. For example: A fully working Spyware Detector app for $200.
     Sooo... don`t give them the whole thing.  Just the hard parts
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    davennydavenny subscriber Posts: 2
    I have not personally but I have several associates who have
    it as an integral part of their business model and they have had great success
    with it.  I would agree with a couple of the other posters that your specs
    need to be very detailed.
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    iouone2iouone2 subscriber Posts: 14
    My experience was well represented with bfleming98`s
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    larryblennlarryblenn subscriber Posts: 5
    I have outsourced to college kids because1) they are good at it2) they work cheap!3) I can pay them through paypal once I am satisfied with the work so no micro managing. They either do the job or I find someone else.
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    larryblennlarryblenn subscriber Posts: 5
    You can try the warrior forum. There are a lot of young guys who can help you out. You still have to weed through the ones that might give you problems. I talk to my guys over the phone and like I said earlier I don`t pay anything until I get my product. I have 10 writers, 1 graphics guy and 1 site designer who I work exclusively with and I have never had any problems. It`s kind of funny because if I order a graphic on monday I usually get it by friday because the guy needs beer money for the weekend......lol
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