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Anyone started their own clothing or accessories line?

HofsinkHofsink subscriber Posts: 2
edited March 2008 in Home-Based Businesses
Hi There,
I am really interested in chatting with anyone who has either started their own clothing or accessories line. I am finding it difficult to know where to begin and especially finding out market sizes and trends. If anyone could help or let me know where I can locate further information or simply share their ideas I would be very happy.
Thank you.


  • studiocheriestudiocherie subscriber Posts: 6
    Hello Emma,
    I have an accessories line that started with an invention, and I will be launching apparel in February.  The best advice that I received early on was to start with a grassroots following and let the business grow naturally.  You can learn a lot on the internet about others who have done exactly that.  Kate Spade, Paul Frank and Jamin Puech to name a few.  It takes years of hard work and cash to establish a brand, but if that is your passion, what have you got ahead of you but years anyway?  The only question then is the cash.  I have found the best advice I have received here at SuN is in response to very specific questions, so don`t be disappointed if you don`t get a lot of response to this one.  You might want to post again letting us know more specifically your area of expertise (are you a graphic designer who wants to launch a line of tee shirts? or are you a costume designer who has a vision for bags and belts? are you a person who just inherited a million dollars and wants a fun way to see if your ideas sink or swim?)  Once the SuN community knows where you are coming from, you will find a lot of great advice here.  Hope that helps a little bit.
    My accessories are for parents.
  • shanaalexashanaalexa subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi there....I am trying to start my own line of womens wear.  I have the knowledge about design, fabric, trims, etc. but I really do not have an idea as to how I can actually manufacture them.  I can make the samples but I was wondering how to go about selling them to the stores and how many to order or minimums?  If you have any idea since your client has there own line that would be tremendously helpful
  • kathleenfasanellakathleenfasanella subscriber Posts: 0
    Go to Fashion-Incubator.com for over 1,300 entries on how to start a clothing line. Free. Once you`re oriented, then figure out where to go from there.
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