UrbanMelt.com, NEW features

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edited November 2007 in Website Critique
 We added a faceted search (browse) function and updated the content a little for this user-generated site.
What do you think?  Is it easier to find businesses?  Does it give a little direction, instead of landing on the home page and being confused as to where to go?
Your feedback is appreciated as always.  And, remember...this site is being created as a tool for all the independent, local businesses out there, and we won`t stop until we get it right.  We have so many features, visual design enhancements and content addition on our to do list that we can`t get them out fast enough...we`re sorry about that.
But, stay with us and critique on the way, and we`ll help you guys out in the long run.
These forums are great!  Thanks to all who have already commented on our other topic.
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