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Feedback Please: 3 Blog Names

UrbanMeltUrbanMelt subscriber Posts: 2
edited June 2008 in Business Planning
Hi Everybody,
It`s been awhile since I`ve posted...very busy.
Hoping to get some thoughtful opinions. I`m in the process of creating a blog to showcase online and offline communities and the people who make it happen.
Which of the following 3 domain names do you like best?
- SumOfAllPeople.com
- TheCommunityServant.com
- EmilWisch.com (personal branding)
I`d love to get some feedback from the community.
Thanks in advance, and let me know if there is anything I can do for anyone,UrbanMelt6/24/2008 1:00 AM


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    jccameronjccameron subscriber Posts: 3
    In most individual blogger situations, I connect more with the person than the concept.  So, I would more likely remember emilwisch than I would thecommunityservant.  I had this same conversation last week and decided to go with my name and I believe that it is the best way to go if you can do it.  Many people cannot since the domains are already taken (without going through odd hurdles like adding dashes and things that are hard to remember).
    Your blog title, description, etc can be whatever you want so I would go with the personal branding approach.
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    UrbanMeltUrbanMelt subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks JC!
    I`ve heard that one, too. I know personal branding can be important. I`d really like to have a following, but at the same time the blog is about community. I`m struggling with the idea of not titling with my name to make it more about community and not about me.
    What are your thoughts on that, JC?
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    UrbanMeltUrbanMelt subscriber Posts: 2
    Brian, I appreciate your genuine advice.  I know a lot of influential people use their names in their blogs. But, people would have to remember EmilWisch with correct spelling.  I think we`re on the same page. 
    Even though I wanted a broad range of opinions, I was hoping for more answers like yours to reinforce my plan of action.  I think common language helps with name recognition.
    The blog will focus on community and I`d rather not be hypocritical with the title of the blog.  I already have the 4 domains pointing to the same site.
    I`ll keep waiting for someone to come up with a good argument against what we`ve talked about here.  Thanks again, Brian.UrbanMelt6/26/2008 1:24 AM
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