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Hi all,
I just signed up,and don`t ask me how i found the site as all i can say is i must have clicked on something without realising.
But what a find,i`ve had a quick look round and it looks to me as though i`ve struck gold.
I`ve only been on the internet for about 18mths,had never used a computer before (i went to school when all you had was pencil and paper) but in the last 18mths i`ve put together so many websites that i`ve forgotten where most of them are.I must admit i went a little mad,and was definately getting the most out of every free website hosting service i could find.
But alas my wild ideas of internet fortunes have only raked in the odd dollar here and there.The penny has finally dropped and i realise i`ve been trying to run before i can walk,and i guess i should start by concentrating on one site instead of signing up for every affiliate program i can find and building a site to promote it.
Technically i`m at the stage where i`m able to build sites using offline software,and i`m able to upload using FTP and Cpanel (not bad for an old pencil pusher heh).
Anyway i`m glad i found StartupNation and i look forward to getting to know you all.
 All the best,
p.s. The site i think i`ll concentrate on is ebookandsoftware.info  so if you would like to check it out and offer any advice it would be much appreciated.I`m also currently learning how to use Joomla to build a site,but progress is a little slow,and i think it will be a while before that one is up and running  


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