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Ques about D.B.A. status

ideasforrentideasforrent subscriber Posts: 3
edited October 2007 in Selecting a Business
i have two questions about "Doing Business As" (D.B.A.) status:
1-if i file a D.B.A status, am i allowed to use that name when filing for things such as trademarks and patents etc and bank accts. 
2-if i have a D.B.A. status can i use that status to create other business entities such as LLC`s or other D.B.A`s.
For example if i were to file a D.B.A. status under the name John Smith, can i think file for patents and trademarks under the name John Smith and also form other business entities such as LLC`s or other D.B.A.`s under that name?  Just trying to understand the limitations of D.B.A as compared to LLC etc.


ideasforrent10/18/2007 7:37 AM


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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    ideasforrent?I didn`t quite understand what you are asking, I`m not sure if I am interpreting it correctly, but if I am... here is my response: First of all! Why would you want to create a DBA under your name? and create an LLC under that DBA? Wouldn`t it be wiser to Create an LLC, with multiple DBA`s under it? For Example you can do"MY LLC <-- the parent Company, and!myfirstDBA <-- division / DBAmysecondDBA <--mythirdDBA <--John Smith <--- and if you`re going to file for a patent, you can do it all under the Main LLC?I hope this answers your question, it was a bit confusing but I hope this helps..
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    3genconsulting3genconsulting subscriber Posts: 0
    You really don`t want to be filing DBA`s anyway because they don`t
    limit your liability in lawsuits. If you`re using a non-limited
    liability structure like a DBA, you always want to be shielded by it`s
    parent company, be it an LLC or Corp.

    As for your other question, when you form a DBA, or any business for
    that matter, and get an EIN for it you are effectively creating a new
    person, or entity. There isn`t  much you can`t do under that name.
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    Well, I wouldn`t say he shouldn`t be filing for a DBA, at least not in the format that he was going about doing it. And as for the EIN, if he`s a corporation or LLC, he can use the same EIN for all of his companies.
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    ideasforrentideasforrent subscriber Posts: 3
    Maybe if I share my main motive it will make sense.  I have several ventures I would like to do, none of which have anything strongly in common.  Right now while I am just developing them and preparing to launch them and actively offer a product or service I thought it would be most cost effective to file a DBA for each with me as the sole pripritor(spelling).  Then later just before I go active and start trying to offer a service or product I could either file one LLC or S Corp that would serve as the "parent" company of all of the DBAs in place of me personally.  Then later if one venture grew large I could separate it under its own LLC.  Just thought this might be the most cost effective way to proceed.  and keeps it simple for now.
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    If thats the case, then why not just wait till you have the funds available to create an LLC or Corp. See here is the problem... "Paperwork"...and legality.... It gets confusing and frustrating trying to get everything squared away with the county. My best advise to you would be to hold on when you`re ready to LLC and DBA everything... Or better yet, hold off till you start generating money, don`t you think? From what I understand everything is still on it`s planning stages correct? if so, wait till you start executing and profiting off your ideas.
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