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how to secure work every month?

eltonmeltonm subscriber Posts: 1
edited June 2013 in Growth Funding
Hi I have a start-up which has been running for about 6 months now. It is a tech company and we offer services from web development, mobile app development for android/ios and other services. We’ve had some good projects but I think we can achieve so much more- to grow the business to where I want it to be. My main challenge is securing monthly contracts to ensure that every month I have work coming in and generate cash flow. The only marketing I’ve do so far is telemarketing, by having someone call businesses to offer them our services. I have also attended a trade show to introduce my company and promote our services. Any advice and suggestion will be great. Thanks!


  • ChrisPChrisP subscriber Posts: 2
    I suggest the first thing you do is learn to spell, write and re-write your Post. I would not be interested in any entrepreneur or start-up where I have to struggle reading their information because its poorly written. Just a tip here for your benefit.
  • eltonmeltonm subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi point taken. Sorry for the spelling mistakes I know I should proof read what I write before I post. If you have any advice on the business side I would greatly appreciate.  I apologise but English is not my first language.
    To summarise what I said earlier in my post.
    My Tech Company has been running for about six months now. We had some good projects but need a way to make sure we can secure a minimum number of projects per month. My overheads are actually quite low for now as I have chosen not to venture into renting office space to keep my prices competitive whilst I establish a good network of contacts.
    To note that competitors are charging more than triple my prices in some cases.  My work compares in terms of quality (even surpasses theirs). However, it is challenging to convince potential clients to invest in my services as they tend to trust bigger players with offices.
    As mentioned, I have not invested in any type of advertising so far, except from setting up my website and giving out business cards. There seems to be potential for sub-contracted work and this- from huge players in my country. Would you advise that I pursue this avenue more than seeking independent projects?
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