help finding market size of luggage sales

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Trying to determine market size before diving in financially.  How can I get recent public data on the size of the luggage industry?  Specifically how much luggage is sold in a year.


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    Thanks Eric, 
    The problem is that Google search turns up info on reports that are thousands of dollars.  I am not able to find just this aggregate number without spending a lot of money up front.  Any other specific places for this market size data that are free?  (that`s what I meant when I said public). thanks, Ellen
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    Ellen, Try the Travel Good Assn, at  On the home page they have a link to their (free) 2007 study of the size of the luggage/bag industry.  - Nancy
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    The Travel Goods Association is a good source of info.   The sale of Travel Goods is about 22 billion a year...but that number includes a number of categories.
    What are you interested in doing.  I am in the same industry and would love to share info.
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    Thanks for the exchange.  I did look at that Travel Goods Association report and was shocked to see it list that the average retail price for luggage (not backpacks or totes, etc.) was around $20.  It made me wonder if I am misinterpreting all the data in that report.I am evaluating a business idea which I believe would be a subset of the number of pieces of luggage sold in a year.  I am not yet at liberty to say what the product is.  If you have any other advice or understanding of why that retail luggage price seems so off I would love to hear. - Ellen
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    You should use Adwords to find out the demand and the number of searches worldwide.
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