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Funny Thing Is, I Have No Money

EllayEllay subscriber Posts: 6
edited April 2006 in Startup Funding
Hey BizPeople:
My name is April. I know that by the pic, you woudl assume I was some former model or something. You would be half right but I never modeled seriously. Now what I want to do seriously is start my own business from home.
The funny thing is, I have no money. I can`t even say that I have limited income, there is none to spare. I have two young children (5& 2) and more bills than I know what to do with.
Long story short, I have been very entrepreneur/business focused for awhile. I have done so much research on running, starting, funding, and everything else. On top of that, I have a million skills and ideas.
My issue is: Just this morning, I arrived at work late because my 5 yr old is sick and after pleading and begging with the school secretary about how I can not miss work while my son standing next to me souding like he is going to cough up a lung, they allowed him into school just for today. This is the main reason that I have always wanted to start my own business preferrably from home. Not that I think that I would have more time...just more at liberty to re-arrange things without feeling GREAT guilt. Either guilt for having to shove my kid into school when he needs to be home or guilt for not going to work, pacing all day wondering if my job has had enough of the Mommy Blues.
Bottom Line: I have great writing skills but only a Comp 101 course I took in college under my belt. I have written business plans, designed products (specifications and all), and I have a catalog of many things that would be great  ideas. I am very stubborn about abandoning the idea of creating my own freedom.
I know that I am not asking anything specific but anything will help. Any ideas that I can try....any one that needs someone virtual to assist them in anything....Thanks Biz People
FYI: I know that alot of funding advice always says to look into family, friends, credit cards and all of those things.....those are not avenues for me.....just keeping it real!!!!


  • EllayEllay subscriber Posts: 6
    Malcolm, Vince, thanks. I needed some reassurance....I know that I can make a dollar out of fifteen cents, I just have to be creative!!! I will keep you guys posted!!!!Thanks Again
  • PamSlimPamSlim subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi April!
    Thank you for being brave and putting a great question out there.  What you describe is so common for many people:  feeling squished in your current job, but not seeing where any cash to start up a new business could come from.
    Malcolm and Vince have great suggestions.  I agree that really honing in on the work you are passionate about is the first step to starting your business.  I will offer this piece of advice from my own experience and the words of Robert Kiyosaki of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame:
    Instead of saying "I have no money to start a business" replace that with "How will I get the money to start my business?"  I know it feels slightly esoteric, but the words you choose are extremely powerful.  The first statement stops you at a brick wall.  It is hard to argue with it - yep, in your current situation, you have no money.  But if you use the second, it opens up a whole new window of opportunity.  "How will you get the money to start your business?"  you and your friends could brainstorm a whole list.  Things like reduce debt, sell clothes you don`t wear anymore, take a moonlighting job on the side when you can (I know it is tough with kids).  My point is that there are ways to raise money if you have an open and curious mind.
    Buddhist belief says that the words that come out of your mouth form a force-field of attraction around you.  So although it may seem crazy to you while you are struggling to pay your bills, say things like "I have plenty of money.  I will always have what I need.  I am whole and my life is abundant."  You may be surprised at what happens!
    Two books I would recommend:  Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck and Zero Debt:  The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom by Lynnette Khalfani.
    Good luck!  You can make it happen!PamSlim2006-4-14 12:28:46
  • EllayEllay subscriber Posts: 6
    First, thank you. And second, I am going to get those books. Third, I see exactly whatyour saying about speaking from a more positive point-of-view. With that second statement, it does open up a few areas in my over-curious mind. I believe this way of thinking, preparation, saving what I can and patience will get me there. I never thought hat being in business for myself would be easy because I don`t particulary like "easy" buttons. It is my plan and intention to put forth the effort and confidence it takes to make business happen. Thanks so much!!!
  • tclaibornetclaiborne subscriber Posts: 1
           As somebody who has had many ideas....tried alot...and failed alot...I only know 1 thing....find what you love doing....and get good enough at some aspect of it that someone will pay you to do it.....I don`t mean to sound simplistic....but business is a lot of work, and you must love...you have started in the right place....internet business is a great way to start...very little overhead. Good luck....I have been raising 3 children (7,5,3 now) while running home businesses for years....for the same reasons you describe.
  • EllayEllay subscriber Posts: 6
    Thanks TClaiborne:
    What you are saying is very simplistic but you are in a group of many people including myself. I do believe that an entrepreneur should do something they love. I want to retire my "snooze" button and start my day wanting to get up out of the bed and get down to business.Thanks!!!!
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