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I`m just new to this community, but thought it would be great to get feedback from you all on my website: EnWraptureByElise.comThanks!Elise
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  • vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Nice site... but how do I purchase anything?
    If it for informational purposes only, and you want people to buy from a bricks and mortar store... you should say that someplace.
  • EliseElise subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks vwebworld. Right now, I`m working locally in the San Luis Obispo area. My site serves as a kind of online catalog for clients to refer to when they are choosing a gift. Mine is a very personalized service. I like to meet with the client, understand their gifting needs, create gift ensembles, and then deliver the gift.In the future, I`d like to open my market to a broader market. At that point, I will probably add a shopping cart function.But your point is well-taken. I should probably re-emphasize giving me a call in the pages.Thanks!Elise
  • eventbrandereventbrander subscriber Posts: 6
    It`s simple and easy. I`d try to get some larger images to replace the smaller ones. It`s coming together nicely. Keep developing it.
  • EliseElise subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Craig and Eventbramder.Creating larger pictures is an excellent suggestion. My web guy has also created a blog and is working on creating a Zencart online shopping cart system. This is all in anticipation that I will grow beyond my local clients and want to appeal to a broader market.I appreciate your comments and suggestions.
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