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My Precious Arrival - A site for new moms

owenseowense subscriber Posts: 1
edited September 2008 in Website Critique
Hi everyone!
I just started my own small business that advertises products to celebrate a new baby`s arrival. The website is www.mypreciousarrival.com You will obviously see that I made it myself, but I`d like some input from the experts out there.
Thanks a bunch!
Eliana Owens


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    SERGIOSERGIO subscriber Posts: 16
    the only thing i see wrong with your website is the big empty space to the right??? other than that to me it looks good
    Also if you should give customers and potential customers a reason to keep coming back to your website you could try to set up a forum for moms about your niche or establish some way for customers to submit articles  and communicate with other moms.
    Just thought i would through a sales tip in their too
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    googleguygoogleguy subscriber Posts: 47 Bronze Level Member
    I think the site is fine......all you need now is traffic!
    Best of luck!!!!

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    onlinexchangeonlinexchange subscriber Posts: 0
    My daughter turned 20 weeks today and I have seen a lot of these sites. Yes you made it on your own, yes you have some spots that could use some attention but I believe its the homegrown look that gives it charm. I am a first time dad and VERY protective of my newborn. If the site is too slick to too corporate looking it will loose some of its "Hey I`m a mom at home doing this." feel and lend itself to being one of the sterile corporate sites that dominate the market. When it comes to kids people want to feel like they have another human being to reach out to (even in cyber space) and not just an 800 #. I might suggest a little more in the way of resources, the find a nanny sites, maybe one of the affiliate programs that gives coupons to free diapers or baby food are great idea. - James
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    governorgovernor subscriber Posts: 0
    The web isn`t bad. You visit www.freedom.ws/apochi and do i trial version and see the autmated set up.That may add a great deal to your service.
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