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chonchon subscriber Posts: 2
edited June 2007 in Protecting Your Ideas
I have patents 5582561,5852846,6486483,two pending and USPTO publication # 20070089918.I dont have a business yet.I`m trying to find qualified professionals for startup.The two patents pending are exercise equipment,(cycling,bicycles).I need Qualified professionals in the following fields;
 Business Entrepreneur
 Marketing/Product development expert
 Professional Grant Writer
and as much helpful advice as possible.


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    drvagdrvag subscriber Posts: 5
    Chon.  You certainly have a diverse range of patents.  From excercise, specifically martial arts/boxing, a device for autos, and an electrical energy production thingy.  I couldn`t guess what industry your pendings will fall into.
    Nhg...`s question is certainly valid.  I don`t see start-up for the combined.
    If one interest you as a start-up, pick it and do it.  License the others.  You better do something soon, the oldest patent is 12 years old. 
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    chonchon subscriber Posts: 2
    Where would be a good place to try and find a business entreperneur with experience in the sports and exercise equipment field,and or a sales REP.?
    I want to start by trying to get licensing for the sports equipment ideas i have.
    Eventually i want to generate enough income from licensing to start a small R&D facility to build prototypes of all my ideas and try and commericalize these ideas.
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