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The Benefits of Plants

eFIGeFIG subscriber Posts: 1
If you're looking to help your start up run as smoothly and efficiently as possible while cutting costs, it can be as simple as adding just one plant to your office.
Research has found that plants can benefit businesses and their
in a variety of ways, from better health, more productivity,
and even financial savings.
Plants work by removing harmful toxins from the air called VOCs, which are emitted by many office items - chairs, printers, computers, even the carpet. They draw in the toxins and use them as food for themselves, emitting oxygen in the process and providing us with cleaner air.
And what does this cleaner air do? Well, cleaner air makes us feel happier for one. It eliminates stress and makes us feel more alert and ready to work, also making us more efficient and therefore getting more productivity for the money spent by the company. A great money saving tool over time.
Plants make employees feel valued by their employer who gave them the plants - also making them more efficient.
Plants also reduce absenteeism - cleaner air reduces the symptoms of minor illness such as coughs, colds and sneezes, meaning employees spend less time off work ill, again saving the business money.
Plants regulate the temperature in a room, reducing the need for air conditioning or dehumidifiers - saving money again.
Finally, plants give your company a certain image - an image of being green, of caring about the environment. As this becomes more and more important in the eyes of the public, plants provide an affordable way to show yourself as a green business.
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