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Hi Everyone,
I am not a creative person, I can make an idea come to life and I can make things work, unfortunately I can`t make them look unique.
I have had friends look at my site and normally I receive tactfull yet neutral feedback like "good idea" and "the look ok"
I`m looking for ways to make it look a bit different and professional any sugestions would be very gratefully accpetedThe URL is:</A>
Thank for your help


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    On the homepage it looks like the top image is missing, you`ve got a "broken image" icon up there.  Make sure all your links work!The good thing about the site is that I know exactly what it is from the title "The place for...", so that`s good.The one thing that it obviuosly lacks is any type of design or layout.  Everything is just sort of laid out on top of one another.  It took me a second to even realize there was navigation of any sort.  Take a look at some of my portfolio if you get a chance just to get an idea of some basic design practices.
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    Thanks for your help everyone,
    I`ve taken the "quick Win" option to start with an removed the front page, the only other function of it was to allow access to the links, I put a link on the forum menu bar.
    The front page is still there however I used a redirect from my site hoster to go straight to the forum, will this cause me issues with the search engines?
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    As an aside, risk management is very interesting. Ever read  ?Lots of odd stuff there.
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