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I am looking for some opinions on a few things I`m thinking about. I`m in the rolling-around-ideas-in-my-head stage.
I have ~10 yrs experience in engineering, project management, and market analysis (not exactly what you may be thinking).
Return to school for MS/PhD in biomedical product development in fall of 2010. Long-term goal - build a billion-dollar corporation in the biomed product field. . .(Hey, why not me?) I would probably try to teach engineering while developing my breakthrough products.
Why a Business:
 I want to make sure my kids & husband feel little to no impact from my dream-chasing.
I need to pursue something I can start now while working full-time, so that I can rely on it to supplement grad student income in a year. I am shooting for $30K in supplemental income (multiple sources if needed), but more is always better. (My husband works too - I`m not trying to replace an engineering salary 100%).
My Ideas:
These are all pretty much centered around education and self-improvement. I guess that and bioengineering are my two big interests (yes- I am a boring, boring nerd.)
Tutoring - I haven`t done this before, but I am confident that I could do it. I have a BS in engineering and a strong math, science, and mech engr background. There are volunteer opps at a local community college if I need a way to gain experience before getting paying clients.
Website/blog - a few different ideas:
A site focused on giving  advice on how to succeed in college. Is there room for another site on that topic? Is there a way to reach the slackers who need advice - obviously they aren`t googling "college success"?
Other areas of interest are nontraditional students, teen motherhood/helping others be successful after setbacks, helping people find off-the-beaten track careers for their skills/degrees.
I feel like I am being uncreative, so please, feel free to offer some new ideas, too!
Thanks - AJ


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