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Thinking of starting a virtual assisting company...

eddiegreyshermaneddiegreysherman subscriber Posts: 2
edited July 2008 in Selecting a Business
I live in a fairly economically depressed area in Appalachia and wondered if you guys could direct me to where I could find some information on starting a company for Virtual Assistants.  I`d be hiring people in my area and due to the lack of jobs could get highly skilled people from the community colleges. My primary role would be staffing and running the company, I personally wouldn`t be doing a lot of the VA stuff.  I already have an excellent domain name for the business and wondered if anyone could direct me to similar companies in the industry so I can get ideas. 
What do you think of the idea?eddiegreysherman7/23/2008 11:19 PM


  • besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    Congratulations!!!!!! You have started the process by coming out and sharing on the forum. There are a few Virtual Assistant Business Owners on the site and hopefully they can assist you. Your ideas sounds like you have thought out a plan of action. I would suggest that you contact the Virtual Assistant Association or the Virtual Assistants Networking Association
    I really hope that this helps you or at least puts you in the right direction.
    I wish you lots of success!!!!!!
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    I would love to find a great va company to work with.. any suggestions lady`s?? I just don`t want to go down the road of paying folks and then they either run or don`t do the work.. and I have had plenty of them!! So any great references would be appreciated!!
    thanks, Erin
  • justryingtohelpjustryingtohelp subscriber Posts: 2
    I understand the forum but not sure I get where the Q&A script comes into play for a staffing site, can you please explain that? 
    Eddie there is kubelance and ilance if you are interested in an elance type job posting. 
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